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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Monopoly anyone???

Well it's not "Boardwalk" but it is Park Place!
725 Park Place to be exact. That is the address of our new home! Yes, you read correctly.
Just a note to all you men, when you take a week's vacation hunting you never know what your wife is doing while you are gone. I bought a house!
As you know, we have looked for a long time for the right house for us and waited for the house in Hibbing to sell. So far it hasn't. But God opened some doors for us and we were in the midst of looking for houses that fit our budget and needs.
Right in the middle of "negotiations" on an older house in town, a new house went on the market and I was able to look at it last Tuesday with our realtor, Gene. He has worked tirelessly for us to help us in this quest for a home!
Tuesday, was our nineteenth anniversary and I tell you I got the best gift of all. The perfect house for the Williamsons was handed to us and I signed all the paperwork, waited less than twenty-four hours to find out that our offer was accepted!
Now, anyone who has bought a home knows that nothing is for sure, until you sign all the final paperwork. For us, that date will be January 8th, 2007.
This journey started months ago, with Randy making his home in the Best Western. After we all joined him in Sparta we rented an older home in town. We got notice that they had sold it and we had to move once again. We have slept on mattresses on the floor, our clothes have been laid in piles around the perimeters of our rooms, we have had no TV, no computer at home, no dishwasher and most of our belongings in storage or back in Hibbing.
When I answered the phone call on Wednesday morning telling me that our offer was accepted I fell to my knees and sobbed! For a long time. All the pressure, concerns and stress of living like this came to an end.
The journey is almost over.
I have to say that 2006 has been a most difficult year for us.
I have learned a great deal about myself and others.
I have learned that strength from God is all that will get you through somethings.
I have learned that God does answer prayer. Not in our time and not in our way.
But in the end it is the better way.
(I will post pictures and details next time)


Blogger Shainerz said...

What an amazing anniversary gift!!! I am so happy this house came in your path and that it is all working out for the better. You guys deserve it so much!
Can't wait to see it someday. :)
Love you!

03 December, 2006 16:53  

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