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Friday, December 08, 2006

It worked!

Sydney and Vicki
I am trying out my birthday/Christmas gift. A new digital camera and photo printer! So much fun. Where's Al when you need him? I am highly computer illiterate but I did take this picture last night at Sydney's holiday concert and here it is on my blog so I must have done something right.
This week has been crazy busy and there is more to come. Tonight we host our Board of Deacons and wives to a home-cooked dinner. We had to move the event to the church because of our housing situation but that's alright. It requires a lot of work but I trust they'll enjoy it. Brock has had two basketball games this week, as does Jessie. Her first is a home game tonight that we will miss and then tomorrow she plays Wisconsin Dells. I asked her if she is playing at a high school in the Dells and she answered "no mom, we are playing at a Waterpark!"
We received word from that bank that everything is a go for the house. Now we just have to wait for our closing date. I am so excited!
As I mentioned Sydney's concert was last night. She blew them out of the water with a solo in a song called "Feel Good". She performed with a jazzy flavor and it rocked! There was much DRAMA at the middleschool this week when she was given the solo over another girl. Let's just say that her teacher and I are on a first name basis now.
Well, it's time to wake the troups. I have a long day ahead of me. Enjoy your weekend. By Saturday night I can put my feet up and actually watch "Pirates of the Carribean-2". It's sat by the DVD player since Wednesday.


Blogger Red said...

Busy, busy, busy. What great gifts for you. How nice and thoughtful. You speaking of a digital camera reminded me I still have one that's still new.
Are you going to bake your famous and delicious chocolate chip cookies? :)
Great job Sydney on the singing. Drama is one of the reasons I mostly do not miss high school.
Lucky you, get to watch Pirates of the Carribean 2. :) Have a great weekend.

08 December, 2006 10:27  
Blogger Shainerz said...

You are soooooo lucky!!! I have been wanting a photo printer for about 2 years now. :) I bet you'll have tons of fun with it! Way to go Syd! I miss her and her beautiful voice. Hope all went well with your dinner and I hope YOU enjoy your weekend! I'm going to re-send my schedule to you.
Good luck Jess!

08 December, 2006 19:36  
Blogger Colonel Havoc said...

That's NOT Sydney...

That CAN'T be Sydney.
That Beautiful, grown-up young lady can NOT be Sydney.

Man, where does the time go?

08 December, 2006 20:35  
Blogger JC said...

Oh I wish I could have heard you sing Syd!!
So, was Vicki the other girl up for the solo? Or is the drama not over yet??

Enjoy the movie, I'm going to watch my 5 year old cheer at a Varsity Ball game tonight!

09 December, 2006 14:22  
Blogger The Lord works! You should, too... said...

Kay so im wondering if ur address has changed from the one u posted so if u could message me and tell me that thatd be great cuz i need to send u a christmas card... love u all!!

11 December, 2006 14:30  
Blogger The Smelker Seven said...

BTW Sue - Happy Birthday to you!!

11 December, 2006 18:24  

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