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Welcome friends and family. We have now officially entered the twenty-first century. Hope you all enjoy catching up with our busy family online. Enjoy!

Location: Wisconsin

this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Nineteen years....I was so blessed when God gave you to me. As a young woman there are many choices and paths to choose from; but God saw fit that your American path would travel to another country just so we would meet. I remember it like it was last week. Me sitting in the church office, you unpacking your boxes in your new office! From those first days of discovery to this moment I am grateful for you dear. I am grateful for a man who didn't let me sit in all my junk but always pushed me to be better, whether I liked what I heard or not. That is true love. Wanting the best for the other person. You have always displayed Christ's love to me...unconditional. What a treasure that is. I was drawn to your integrity and love for God and that is still what I cherish the most in you.
Laughter, tears, grief, celebration, the birth and lives of four other individuals, vacations, camping, shopping, travel, many cities, many houses, ministry intertwined in our personal lives, churches, family times, alone times, knowing each other better than anyone else in this world, security, peace, love, understanding, freedom, correction, holding hands, sharing lives...I look forward to many more of these things with you my dearheart.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving recap

Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. We travelled to Wisconsin Dells and the kids enjoyed the waterpark until it closed at 9:00 p.m. The next morning we woke up and everyone but me got into swim suits again. We had to check out of the room by 11:00 a.m. and then we had our reservation for the Thanksgiving buffet. It was huge, and I have to say that I feel like I am not giving it justice by using that word. There were tables full of food! A salad area, a appetizer area, a dessert area, a ham and prime rib carving area, a main course area with about thirty dishes to choose from and even a kid's table, complete with corndogs and gummy worms. We were so impressed and the food was delicious not cafeteria style at all! We are pretty sure that this will be a Williamson family tradition. I loved that I could sit and relax and enjoy my family while we shared around the table.
After eating we got back into our swimsuits again which is just what I wanted to do after eating so much food! and we hung out on the lazy river for a few more hours. I did go with Sydney down this big waterslide. It was crazy! Jessie even got brave and tried a small waterslide herself. Besides that she and Britt sat and people watched (well probably "guy watched" is more accurate)
I wish I could share pictures with you, as any of you who know me can be sure I took lots. But this old computer isn't letting me upload anything! Randy has his laptop with him for this coming week. (he's away) So you'll have to just imagine the Pilgrim ice sculpture, the chocolate fountain and the huge elephant head carving the kids are sitting under! By the time he's home I'll have probably four more posts on here! Oh well!
Break is over and it's onto a full week of basketball games and a Madrigal Festival at the high school.
{special note to Amber and Brooke, Brittany wanted me to tell you that she finally had to give in and try pixi stix but didn't enjoy them at all. She'll stick to her favorite from now on}

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pumpkin anyone?

Even the squirrels enjoy pumpkin. I guess the warm weather and the fact these decorations have been off the vine for quite a while now made them just soft enough to gain access to.

Too bad I couldn't get a picture with the hungry squirrels in the act. Anyway, my fall decorations are now Thanksgiving dinner for our neighbourhood critters! At least til garbage day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spartan Basketball

Jessie had her first game tonight. It was in a town an hour and a half away, so Randy took that road trip. Spartans 70 Richland Center 38. Jessie made five three pointers and another basket. Brock played in a town fifteen minutes away and I took that much shorter trip.
Spartans 40 West Salem 14. Brock had a great night making fifteen points total.
All in all it was a good night of basketball.

Monday, November 20, 2006

An all American Thanksgiving-Williamson style.

When I say Thanksgiving this year [ which might I mention has been the MOST upside-down, backwards, walk by faith year of my entire history on this earth (which is a long time people)] I think of:
lazy river
buffet lunch
So can you guess what we're doing for Thanksgiving? Thanks to a generous goodbye gift we received last spring from our Hibbing church family we are taking the LONG fifty minute drive over to Wisconsin Dells on Wednesday after school. We will spend the night and enjoy a "homecooked" meal on Thursday then head back home. We are staying at a huge indoor waterpark/resort and enjoy activities that all families enjoy on Thanksgiving! Slide, dunk, swim, dive and ride until we are pruney.
This is the most atypical Thanskgiving I have ever known but due to the lack of a dishwasher and dishes, add to that the size of the second hand stove we are temporarily using a big meal seemed not really do-able this year.
Things I am thankful for?
a husband who makes the most of hard situations
children who don't ever complain
friends who encourage and love
my faith in a God who is always on the throne of my life
a roof over my head
food to eat
and this year...
The Kalahari waterpark!

Friday, November 17, 2006

word association

When I say Thanksgiving what do you think of?
make a list.
I'll make mine.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

nothing much...

Today I picked up my 2006 version of the Williamson Christmas Card. Look in a mailbox nearest you in coming days to see yours! The weekend singing event for Sydney was a great success! Brittany and I headed up to listen to her concert. Jessie ended up having a basketball game and Brock... well he opted to stay home, can't really blame him. Last night his team lost their first basketball game this season. It was a tough one but he played the best I've seen yet.
All the snow has melted here in Sparta, which is too bad because it was so pretty! I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week already!
This weekend we are going to go to LaCrosse to watch another of Reid's football games. It is pretty funny but after taking the three hour trip up to St. Paul a couple weeks ago, his team will be playing in the play-offs against University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, this Saturday.(twenty minutes away) Who knew??? Brock is excited and I'm praying it stays about forty degrees like it is now!
Bow season ends this Thursday and Wisconsin gun season starts on Saturday. Randy saw the "trophy" yesterday and could barely sleep thinking about it. I'm not sure how much I'll see of him from now until bow season ends. He's on a mission!
The house in Hibbing has not changed it's "for sale" status. Any of you who have any energy left for this matter we would appreciate your prayers to help push this process along for us. It's been long enough now!
Well, that's the update on this Tuesday afternoon. All our midwest friends, stay warm!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Snow, at last!

It's snowing! around this area we are expecting 4-8 inches. At 8:00 a.m. it is more like hail! Not as pretty as big, fluffy flakes, I must admit but it's on the right track. I really don't mind snow this time of year, it gets me in the Holiday spirit. I am hoping it clears by tomorrow as I have to travel up to Chippewa Falls, WI to watch Sydney sing at an area choir event. This morning at 10:30 a.m. I am going to head over to the Middle School for their Vetran's Day Program. Sydney was asked to sing the solo in the song, God Bless America. She's been struggling with a chest/head cold lately but she was doing a bit better this morning.
Last night, I found the school where Brock's game was without any problems. Sparta 7th grade "A" team beat Viroqua 32-12!
I'm heading home for a cup of hot chocolate !!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

more about Brock....

Take the life of a family of six and tip it upside down and see what you get. That's how I feel sometimes. Last night, we sat in new seats, in a new gym, with new school colors, new coaches, new mascot and a new season. Nothing is as it was. Each month brings that truth to me in some crazy way. Seems silly, but I had learned every school in our division in Minnesota, I knew how to get to them, where the gyms were and even knew some of the players from opposing teams (especially the good ones). On Thursday, Brock has an away game, so I need to get out my trusty, plastic covered map of Wisconsin (it was a gift from my husband shortly after we moved) and begin again. Searching for a town, searching for a unheard of highway, travelling roads never travelled; in search of... a basketball game.
At this point I could tell myself I am getting too old for all this change. But I would rather, throw my head back and laugh and enjoy the new journey and be thankful I have opportunity to see new things, hear new sounds, meet new people and travel those roads! When in doubt laughing is always a more preferred option than scowling and grumbling.

Last night, we did enjoy watching the game in the four year old facility. It was especially satisfying watching a game where everyone played together as a unit! I won't complain but in past years it was not always that way. It wasn't uncommon for one boy especially to have the ball most of the game. The coaches never corrected this and it was frustrating to watch. I think Brock and his team mates will get a lot more out of the "basketball-is-a-team-sport" theory of coaching. This way everyone learns the skills and more importantly sportsmanship (a highly underestimated trait for athletes).

Today we received a letter by mail telling us Brock was chosen October Student of the month and will be recognized during a future assembly. He gets a free lunch at Subway out of the honor as well. Randy and I are wondering what we get out of this deal? Maybe he'll share his sandwich with us!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

..and they're off!!!

I sat down this morning at my little antique pastry table in the kitchen and started to transfer Jessica's basketball schedule onto my family calendar. We are entering the "zone". I have one of those great calendars that has a spot for every person's schedule. Even this style is not going to work for us much longer. I might have to resort to a color coded desk style calendar! It is BASKETBALL Season!
Brock has his first game tonight. He has been placed on the "A" team for his grade which is great! Game days he has to wear a shirt and tie. Good thing we had bought one recently for a wedding we attended. He looked so handsome. Also, another thing I really wanted to note in this blog of family news. Now at twelve, Brock has begun scribbling down his first "sermons". After reading his recent thoughts Randy has decided that he might use some of them in a message on a Sunday. It's pretty amazing to me to see how even at twelve God is showing Brock insight into the Bible and that he has the gift of bringing it to a level of practics for our lives!! Who knows what is in store for him?

Jessica started her 'official' practices yesterday. Three hours long! She was placed on the Varsity reserve team so she was pretty excited about that. Here they have Varsity, Varsity reserve and then JV. Her first game is next week.
Sometimes Brock and her will have games on the same day!

Brittany is involved in the school's Madrigal dinner and got the role of a rose seller, (which was her first choice). We will have to search on line for appropriate period costuming for her. Her job those nights will be to roam the dinner and sell all the flowers she carries. Pretty fun. She's going to get busy with practices and preperation for this large community event the high school puts on the first weekend in December.

Sydney was chosen to sing at a State wide event for choir. This Saturday she will travel to Chippewa Falls, WI and join with other chosen students from the area to take part in "Singing in Wisconsin". Britt and I will travel up there for the 4 p.m. concert. Aside from that she is also preparing for her holiday concert at her school.

Last weekend Britt, Brock and I travelled up to St. Paul to watch an old friend play in a college football game. I had promised Brock we would catch one of Reid's games this season and we managed to get there for his last home game. Bethel University has a very good team that have only lost one game this season. They soundly beat their opponent on a beautiful, sunny fall day last Saturday. It was a great day.
Life with four teenagers, is busy and eventful and so much fun!!
Let the games begin!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Am I trapped in the TV?

I'm so glad November is here; behold, the month of giving thanks and our wedding anniversary. Also, the month of basketball season starting. Jessie was asked to be point guard on the JV team and Brock was asked to join the Sparta travelling team for his age group! So we're off to a great start. The weather has turned cold...I took a little jaunt over to Onalaska and it was actually snowing a little on the way. Brrr.
This is a town of contradiction. Only here can one see; horse-drawn Amish buggies and camo military issued hummers, driven by real soldiers (the real life version of childhood toys my brothers littered our basement with) using the same roads. It is middle-America at it's finest. Simplicity and military. Peace and War. (or was that war and peace?)
Life is unwinding and becoming less unsettled for us. Winter will soon be upon us, another season to experience in our new town. Sometimes I feel like I am in a Gilmore Girl episode and instead of Luke's diner, we have "Ginny's Cupboard". It's where the Williamson women go for their coffee.Instead of Luke, we have Tony. Instead of Lane, there's Nicole. The town square is actually more of a straight line but the characters are just as real. I'm still looking for Kirk, I 'm sure he's here somewhere. We just need to find a cool theme song.
Happy November to you, until next time.