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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Birds, Bees and eyebrow waxing!

Finally! Our third daughter had her 'turn'. What am I talking about? Well, in our home we have a tradition that when the kids turn thirteen they get a weekend getaway to discuss important life matters (sex and purity). Sydney turned thirteen last April. Life last spring, for us was what you might call chaotic with our transitioning and all, so poor Sydney's weekend kept being pushed onto the back burner (maybe next weekend) of one of those invisible stoves we all have in our homes somewhere. This past weekend our kids had a four day weekend and in a very spur-of-the-moment decision Sydney finally got her time with mom. We can't take credit for this tradition as it was first born out of a Focus on the Family program I listened to. But we have added some touches of our own to make it memorable and meaningful!
After we dropped Brittany off in Minneapolis to visit her old friends for the weekend, Sydney and I made our way down to the Mall of America for a special mother/daughter time of bonding. The overnight stay included eyebrow waxing (her first time), clothes shopping(a new church outfit), food(cheeseburgers and jukebox music at Johnny Rockets), laughter (thinking a restaurant said "Fresh Men" when after closer analysis we realized it was serving "Fresh Mex"), lots of talking (I'll spare you the details) and most of all as corny as it sounds LOVE!
I rediscovered the truth that when you have more than one child you can never underestimate the importance of spending one on one time with each of them on a regular basis. Sydney really is a "daddy's girl" if the truth be known, but this weekend I discovered she is a great friend of mine. That blue-eyed miracle child; can't believe she is now old enough to discuss boys with!
It was an amazing time away. Well, I had my three turns and now they are over (can you hear the relief in my voice). The next one is Randy's responsibilty!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Brittany with her friends ready for a night out. Charlie, Britt, Susan and Eric.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Busy family life.

I guess, I just first want to put a little "disclaimer" at the beginning of this post. I once read on someone's family blog that they didn't share certain things because they had this fear that people would think they were bragging. That kind of stuck with me, in the sense that I hope no one ever thinks I am "Bragging". However, you need to realize that this blog is my main tool of communication with my FAMILY and friends who live overseas, in Canada and all over this country too. There are many exciting things that happen in our lives that I want to share with those closest to us.

As usual there is lots going on in the Williamson home. Never a dull moment. Brock played his last football game last evening. Thankfully, they won after loosing their last three games. He got a nice certificate of participation and gets two weeks off until basketball season.
I am learning more and more as the school year goes on. Things are run differently here than in Hibbing. For example, I recently had parent/teacher conferences. In Sparta, they want you to bring your kids with you and all the teachers are in the cafeteria where you sit at a table with them. In Hibbing, you went to individual classrooms, all over the school building and I never brought my kids with me.
Last night the two high school girls had their first choir concert of the year. They are both in Concert choir. I have a picture of them in their robes. I was so glad to see that the music program here in Sparta is important and well run. We had such a high standard set in Hibbing and you just never know what you are in for when you switch schools. I have to say it was reassuring. There are two smaller ensembles from the high school that were actually invited back to Carnegie Hall in New York City for a concert this spring. The choir director announced that Sparta High School was the only school in Wisconsin included in that invitation. I think that speaks highly of the quality of program here.
Lastly, we were so proud to receive a letter yesterday informing us that Jessica is being inducted into the National Honor Roll Society. The letter congratulated us as parents and Randy and I kind of looked at each other wondering what we had done. There are some intelligence genes in there somewhere! Or perhaps, hanging out with Jenni all those years had something to do with it. Either way, we are proud of her accomplishment and I wanted to let you know. Now enjoy a couple pics.

Jessie celebrating with her letter from the National Honor Roll Society. Silly girl.

Jessie and Britt in their choir robes. At least red is their color!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A late fall day

Yesterday our family travelled for another wedding. This one was Randy's youngest sister, Rebecca's wedding. She and Mark decided to marry at my in-law's home in Rib Lake, Wisconsin. The original plan was to have a lovely outdoor, fall wedding in the gazebo out back overlooking the pond. But the recent cold snap put a damper on those plans and the brief ceremony was moved indoors. It was a first for us, I don't think any of our family had been to a wedding in a house before. It was a very touching celebration.
We had lots of food afterwards and then headed back south, out of the snow to Sparta. As we drove south on Highway 27 I commented to my two eldest daughters, "you know I think we live in the most beautiful part of Wisconsin". They agreed. If you can close your eyes and picture beautiful trees carpeting the rolling hills of countryside. Every once in a while you'll see a red barn in the distance. As you look along side of the gently curving highway in the distance you can see the treeline part once in a while giving way to pastures. Those are called coulees. This area is known as the Coulee region. As we travelled into the late afternoon the setting sun shone on the tree tops and I thought to myself that this is beautiful. A childhood memory of James Herriot's novels came to mind; cows, horses, barns, old farmhouses, silos and corn fields.
It was the end to a lovely fall day.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Snowflakes and pigskin.

Brrr...baby it's cold outside. the weather has taken a drastic turn these past couple of days. I know that some of our neighbours to the west have had snow on the ground. We have seen a few flakes floating through the air and that sudden craving for hot chocolate came over me lately so I know winter is on it's way. Today I will bundle up warm as I head over to Onalaska to watch Brock play his second football game of the week! He was asked along with five other boys from his seventh grade team, to suit up for the eighth grade team. Randy is out of town, otherwise I might just let him take this one. The season is over next week anyway and it's quite an honor to be moved up like that. Therefore, mom, cheerleader, coach, nurse, fan and personal driver will bundle up as warm as I can and cheer the boy on. This is what memories are made of. I'll be sure to grab a hot cocoa on the way!
This is one of my favorite pictures from this season, taken a game last week.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bar Mitzvah

Most cultures, world-wide have certain rites of passage into manhood. For the family Williamson of the midwestern United States of America that rite of passage is apparently the "bagging of a deer".
Wisconsin has a day set aside for young men who have passed their hunter safety to get a chance to get out and hunt before regular season starts. The young man has to be accompanied by an adult but that adult cannot shoot any deer themselves, they are present only for safety and assistance reasons. Randy was preparing all week for the big day yesterday. You should have seen him setting aside hats, camo pants, boots and purchasing the special liscence Brock would need.The two men of our house slept together on Friday night so that when the alarm sounded at 5 a.m. they could get their scentless showers and dress for the big day.
After a morning of sitting in the woods they came home and reported seeing some deer but not taking any shots. They ate a big brunch and went back to bed so they could go back out for the afternoon hours. At seven the call came. Brock had shot his first deer! You are now a man,my son! It is Williamson tradition, it is what makes a dad's heart swell with pride, it is the day Randy probably dreamed of since we first saw the ultrasound pictures that we were having a boy after three girls! Father and son can now share the tradition of the fall hunt. Quite a few calls went out to spread the news....Brock shot his first deer. Dad and boy are presently taking the nub-buck to the butcher!
Here are my two guys just before they headed out for the afternoon hunt!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Random Pictures of stuff.

I thought I would just put a couple pics on here of interest. Well, that is highly subjective but anyway, you know what I mean.

here is our rental. Pretty nice eh?

this is a house in town that has huge ladybugs crawling on it...thought it cried out to be a part of my random pics post.

the Sparta High Marching Band leading the way in the Homecoming Parade yesterday.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Powder Puff

Last night was the Junior/Senior Powder Puff game. Brittany was playing for the Juniors at cornerback and on the kickoff team. Some boys from the Varsity team were their coaches. It was so much fun! Brittany actually got to play quite a bit and hit the ground on more than one occasion. I think that qualifies her as a REAL football player now!
The girls met at the school and had a "hayride" through town over to the field. They had to wear red and black with homemade tie-dyed tshirts. Britt was number 39, she wanted 9 but it was already taken so she settled for a number that had 9 in it!
There were lots of people there watching the game, including Grandma and Grandpa Williamson who made the trip to see their grandaughter play. Despite the 22-14 loss it was a great way to kick off Homecoming week.
Of course, pictures are in order here!

Britt watching from the sidelines, she is the one on the far right.

Britt and her friend Nicole, who's a senior. Ready to fight!

Playing on the Varsity field under the lights. You can see some of the "coaches" lined up watching the field. They did a really good job.

Monday, October 02, 2006


What an amazing weekend! It was perfect. We left Sparta at 4 a.m. on Friday morning and reached Detroit by early afternoon. My family arrived at the hotel shortly after we did. It is so hard to cram into hours what you need years to accomplish. Instead of trying you just live in the moment. I can't explain what it was like to be with them all again. I am grateful that we had the chance to visit even if it was for that short time.This is a picture of my mom, brother, sister and myself.
My nephew Justin, was so shy at first and it took a lot of self-control to not just hold him the whole time. We all went out for a delicious Indian meal for lunch on Saturday and by then he was more comfortble with us all. He really loved Brock! It was heartbreaking to have to say good-bye. But so worth the time we did have together.

This is just an perfect picture of the two cousins together. Brock and Justin!
After we said our good-byes to my family we had to get ourselves ready for the wedding. It was a lovely outdoor event. Although, it rained all morning the skies opened up about an hour before the wedding started. It was quite chilly though. Brianne and Jesse were married out in her backyard. It was very beautiful and meaningful for everyone. After the ceremony we made our way to a huge, heated tent. Brianne's dad suprised her with a hot air balloon for guests to ride in! How fun is that?
We renunited with so many old friends from our time there in Detroit. Sometimes it seems as though no time has passed. They all commented on the children of course. Brock was only two when we lived there! Before we knew it we had to head out and get back to the hotel. Early morning on Sunday.

The bride and her daddy waiting to take the walk down the aisle.

Brianne and Jesse, congratulations!
On Sunday Randy preached at the church of a young man who used to be in our youth group. He started this young church in an area of suburban Detroit. It was so great to see him so grown up and doing such an amazing job! We went out to eat and then hit the road.
What a busy, bittersweet, memorable weekend. Seeing old faces of people who were such a part of our lives. One man came up to Randy at the reception and told him how he was baptized the very last Sunday we were at the church there. We honestly didn't remember him and his wife but it was obviously very meaningful to have him approach us with such fondness of memory.
Life takes you many places and sometimes the road leads you back to a place where your life was different. One thing that never changes is the feelings you have for those people. I loved every moment. It filled up some parts of my heart that were empty. Seeing my family and friends....a bittersweet weekend.
We pulled up into the Sparta address at 1:30 a.m. Tired but full! Thank you to my family for making the trip and to all our friends in Detroit for making us feel so loved and appreciated.

A very rare photo of our whole family together. Here at the reception.