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Location: Wisconsin

this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Greetings from Dairyland

The smell of cow manuere (okay how in the world do you spell cow poop? I guess I had better learn cuz I might be using it alot more now) wafts through the air! I'm on a mission. To find a field of cows! Why? So I can take a picture of Brittany hanging out with the cows. She has this friend who was teasing her about cow tipping, so I loaded her in the car and told her we would have to get a shot of her for her myspace. We did.
Brock is in Hunter Safety Classes every night this week. He is enjoying them, none of the girls wanted to go. Mmmm...go figure!
He also endured his first physical at the doctor's office. It's a must to play football which of course he plans on doing. He is now five feet, four and a half inches tall! Oh ya, and his voice suddenly changed over the last month. We've had a couple visitors from Minnesota and they noticed. I am seriously not ready for him to grow up....too bad.
Finally, for this portion of our family news, yesterday we got the word that we have to be out of our rental home by September 25th! The owner accepted an offer. This is when you just have to laugh a little! As of today, we have no answers to your question...."so now what are you going to do?"
Her face says it all!! Oh ya, by the way...it's manure.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Some pics

The Spartan in front of the high school.

The old house we are renting for now.

Our new town.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paths crossing once again.

It's a small world... isn't it? I have recently had the pleasure of running into some old friends. Some just from this computer and this blog, right Maria? Others in even more unsuspecting places.
As you probably know, Randy and I have lived in many places and met many interesting people in our travels. We have youth pastored and pastored in five different cities, in two countries. When Brittany and I recently went to Colorado I was in the restroom and struck up a conversation with some young women. I won't go into the whole story but it turned out that they were from Wisconsin! Out of seven thousand people, we run into a group of five from the same state as us. It gets better than that. Their youth pastor, it turns out, was a young man in our youth group back in Brampton, Ontario, Canada! Imagine that?! As I tried to arrange a way to see this young youth pastor of theirs (Rob, is his name), I realized that it would be God if our paths crossed in the immense sea of bodies we were a part of. Service was about to begin and all I had to go on was "he's bald and wearing a polo shirt". Well, that could describe pretty much 75 % of the youth pastors in America. But I didn't let that discourage me from at least trying to find him.
Brittany and I kept an eye out as we walked through the church lobby, which is the size of a football stadium. All of a sudden a familiar face was a few feet in front of me. As my mind was quickly recalling from somewhere in it's lost files, where I knew this person from, I was shocked into reality with a loud yell. Why was the bald, polo wearing man yelling at me! Rob? Is that you? We embraced, as my now extremely embarrassed teenaged daughter shrunk back behind me. What was everybody looking at? Did they not know who this kid was? I wish I could have told them of the history. The many years that had passed and now God had brought our paths together in Colorado Springs. Amazing.
Today I received a phone call from a seventy seven year old woman, calling from Alberta, Canada. I have not spoken with her for years. She is the mother of a boy I dated when I was sixteen. Even years after the young relationship ended she was always a friend to me, checking on me from time to time. Today, she asked me how old my children were, it felt like something hit me in the gut! Well, something inside hurt anyway. I reflectively replied....."my oldest daughter Brittany is sixteen. Wait, wasn't I just sixteen?" She graciously laughed on the other end. "Weren't we all?"

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ahh. Well this past week has been um....interesting. Wednesday morning started a few days of lysol, pinesol, toilets, trying to pry open 80 year old windows and Randy living at the office. Are you wondering what is going on? Stomach flu!!! So the lysol and pinesol were flying everywhere! I hate having a closed up house when people are sick so I tried to open windows to create an airflow to air out the germs. Some windows complied, some did not!
Randy and Brittany escaped the dreaded germs. Randy by "living" at his office and dousing himself in Germ-X! Brittany pretty much is her father, so her actions were similar.
It was not fun! The kids missed a fun day at Valley Fair but when you are that sick nothing seems to matter at the time. Now, the disapointment is great! But that is life! Stomach flu in August! Trapped in a hundred year old house! Today we are all better.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Laundry glalore!

Hey y'all. The kids are back from camp. They had no idea what to expect at this new camp but they all had each other to fall back on if they needed to. They each had their own experience but they did love it! It was Brock's first year at youth camp, it sounds like he had a great week! Playing basketball, swimming, getting dirty...what more could a boy want? The girls told me he was kind of a hit with the females but they tend to be protective of him.
Sydney enjoyed socializing and meeting new people. She came home tired but happy.
Jessie and Britt met some nice kids from Southeastern College in Lakeland Florida. They were the worship band for the week and because most of the kids at this camp were younger they enjoyed hanging with Pastor Aaron and the band. They picked up college information from Southeastern. You just never know where they'll end up!

They all loved the services, the speaker was great and of course we were glad they had a memorable week. Now things are back to normal at our house. It took two trips to the laundromat to catch up on their stuff. One day I did darks, today I did whites! Nine loads in all!! Funny eh? Thanks to all for your emails. I try to keep up on them but I won't be quite as quick as usual!
I'll be glad to find a house! And sell a house!

Friday, August 04, 2006


no, not the movie....but the restaurant Randy and I went to last night for dinner! We had a fun date night with the kids gone and all and decided to try this restaurant in LaCrosse. Seeing as pretty much everything is new to us around here we just figured that perhaps they served Middle Eastern food and that it would be fun to try! Randy found it in the phonebook by the way.
Well, we had a little trouble finding it but once we did the moment we stepped in the door we felt as though we had been transported to the Middle East!! No kidding. The decor was amazing! We were greeted by a dark haired, middle-eastern man. He showed us to a table. He asked if he could have about five minutes so he could catch the 5:30 pm BBC news. It turns out he is from Lebanon and had lost contact with his family just the night before. He invited us to watch with him. Remember, we are in a restaurant now. But from the moment we arrived Mr. Matouk made us feel as though we were in his home. A side note that has nothing to do with our dining experience but has everything to do with people! I have to say that as Americans we sit and watch the news and get a little desensitized to all the video of the destruction over there. But stand with an older man who doesn't know where his family is, who is seeing familiar streets and buildings that are destroyed and watch the concern on his face and the reality of the need for peace in our world becomes a burden!
Randy and I sat in our seats and waited. Mr. Matouk brought us iced water and we declined the wine. Again, some moments passed. You know at this point I was wondering where the menus were. Actually, I probably wondered that earlier but ten minutes into our adventure and I was very sure that we were about to experience a dining experience like never before. I was right. So this is the way the night went. Nothing is frozen, he uses no microwave ovens, he uses only the freshest ingredients. His produce is locally grown by a farmer whom he supplies seeds to. There is no menu. He prepares food and brings it out course by course to you. When you have had enough, you tell him.
Course One: Asparagus and Veal soup....(Randy was brave enough to eat the tiny egg, I however no sure of where it came from didn't. Turned out it was a quail egg.)
Course Two: Red Snapper stuffed with Shrimp. Yummo! IT was amazing!
Course Three: Lamb Kabobs on chickpea/garlic paste (don't know the proper name for it but Randy and I were tasting garlic til this morning sometime.) Then there was a side of Tabouli. It was without a doubt the best I have ever tasted anywhere!!!
We were stuffed and our meal was finished.
We told Mr. Matouk we would be back, with friends and that we would keep his family in our prayers. After that experience it seems as though he was part of our family. He is the host, the server and the chef!! I have NEVER experienced anything like it. If you are ever in LaCrosse and you like to have a unique dining experience with amazing food, try Casablanca.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another update.

I am still amazed that a week ago I was in Colorado. It is such a beautiful state. Brittany feels that she is going to go back there someday soon, perhaps after highschool. She absolutely loved it there. We had a wonderful time at the conference and even though it was a youth/college conference I got so much out of it and like I thought before, there was a much higher purpose for me attending with Brittany. I felt challenged, inspired, humbled and refreshed. The past months had taken their toll in more ways that I realized. Sometimes things pound us down and it is so gradual that we don't even realize it is happening. It is always good to get away, step back and be alone.
This week the kids are at camp. All four children attended the same week so Randy and I are alone!! I cannot remember the last time that has happened other than some trips we have taken. We are fully enjoying it though. We spent Monday together all day in Onalaska and then yesterday a couple from our church took us on a boat ride on the Mississippi. It was a neat experience. I didn't know that if damns were not built at certain points along the river that you could walk across this large river. Also, no barges or boats could use the river for transportation. So every once in a while you come across what is called a Lock and Damn. Boats enter this area, then once the two large gates that are in front of and behind you, are securely closed, they lower (or raise) the water level to meet the water level at the next portion of the Mississippi you are entering. I had never seen, heard or experienced anything like it before. We travelled north and stopped in Trembeleau, WI for lunch. We then headed back down the River and arrived back in LaCrosse by mid-afternoon. The rain held out just long enough.
Today is a down day for us. I had laundry and housework to do and Randy had to go to the office. It is such fun hanging out together though!!
Please continue to pray for our Hibbing house to sell. We desire to get settled here in our own home. That's it for now!