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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

pic for Auntie!

Hey Auntie Romila. Here's probably the best one of the girls together. Britt, Syd, Jessie and a youth worker, Beckie.

Monday, April 24, 2006

more pictures from prom.

1. The ladies....2. The Gents......3. The Girlies

Prom Alternative 2006

For about six months now I have been working on putting together the annual youth event at our church known as Prom Alternative. Briefly, it is a night for the youth of our community to come to a "prom" night without some of the more negative components that are associated with prom at the high school. This event is also open to grades 9-12, whereas, regular prom is only for juniors and seniors. Anyway, the past week I have been especially busy with all the last minute details of the event. On Saturday, at 4:45 pm the youth started to arrive at their reception at the church. They endured probably the worst part of the night at the beginning: parents and cameras! Need I say more? From there they loaded onto a coach and headed to Duluth for dinner at Timberlodge Steakhouse. After dinner they went bowling. Yes, bowling in Prom dresses! It is part of the fun. At around 1:00 am they arrived back in Hibbing for an afterparty. Their night ended with an awards ceremony and the "crowning" of Prom King and Queen. At 3:00 am we loaded the kids into vehicles and provided them safe rides home. I think I got to bed at 4:00 am. But can't be sure. Every girl dreams of dressing up and attending formal events like this. I know my girls loved having their nails and hair done. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Last year it snowed so you just never know when you live in Northern Minnesota. But Saturday, it was warm and sunny and we were able to take pictures outside without the sleeveless ladies shivering! I will post more pics in my next post. It was a wonderful evening. I know the kids will look back on times like these and smile. For my girls especially, it was a special time to cap off their Hibbing memory book!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Prom Pics, hot off the press!

Brittany with her date, Ian. Jessie and her date, Eric.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who cares about grey hair??

My first grey hair at twenty-six didn't do it...watching our first child go to kindergarten on her first day...crow's feet around my eyes....being the mom of three teenagers....my oldest driving with a permit.....turning the big four 0!!! All of these life events gave me hints of life changing and me getting older. But I have to tell you that none of those things moved me quite like what happened today. I had a reality check today. Funny how certain things hit you like a ton of bricks. I am now wondering how I can stop time. Or at least how I can slow it down. But I fully realize as sure as: I have to color my hair every six weeks, use every Oil of Olay product they make, sit in the passenger seat while my sixteen year old takes the wheel... time keeps moving on whether I am ready for it or not. Nothing prepared me for today. This is Brittany's first "prospective student" mailing from a college!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mugsy Capone

Brock and Mugsy

Monday, April 17, 2006

Back from Break

We are back from our Easter Break! We had a wonderful time down in Sparta the past few days. The weather was amazing. Eighty degrees and sunny! While we were there our Sydney celebrated her thirteenth birthday. We no longer have little girls in our home. Three teenage daughters. Well, I have lots of pics and I will post some down below. This thing still doesn't let me make new paragraphs so they might be a little wacky on the page. The kids had fun at the local park. They have an area in town where there's a small lake. In that area is all the fun stuff; an outdoor municipal pool, the football stadium, four baseball diamonds, basketball hoops, tennis courts, hockey arena, bocce ball and the golf course is there too. We walked around the park a couple of times. We drove around a lot and I kind of got a feel for the town, where things are and such. We invited some kids over to the hotel pool for Syd's birthday. Randy's folks and his two sisters and their families joined us later and we had a nice time together. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! God Bless.

Monday, April 10, 2006


It is official, basketball season is over. Jessie and Brock played their last games as Bluejackets. It was bittersweet. Jessie played on Saturday and her team ended up loosing their last game of the day. I have to admit is was heartbreaking for my girl. She loves her team mates so much and will miss them terribly. She will hang up the old blue and white forever. Brock's team fared a little better which meant he participated in his tournament into Sunday as well. His team lost their first game but won the following three which gave them a fifth place award for the Chisholm tournament. He too will hang up the sleeveless jersey he wears for what seems most of the year! (the season starts in late November and finishes in April???) It is another hard experience in this journey of moving! Good bye Bluejacket Basketball! It has indeed been an great part of this adventure! Pictures are of Brock's team and coaches with their award. Jessie and her teammates awaiting their last game. Lastly, is Brock with the Varsity Boys' Coach.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Funny face??

If you keep doing that your face will stay that way!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Last Thursday night we attended Jessie's Basketball banquet. The seventh through Varsity teams were introduced and honored with awards. Randy took time to say some nice things about his girls and express his sadness at having to leave the program. I have to say the girls seemed to really enjoy him as their coach. There were moments of laughter and tears throughout the evening. With a strong message that the Minnesota High School League will be hounded about the issue of calling technical fouls with 0.3 seconds left in a game. I guess there are some parents who are in place to fight for a clarification in the way things are done by officials. On a much lighter note, Jessie was awarded the "Spirit" award. This award was voted on by her team mates and is given to the girl with the best attitude basically. She was very suprised but very happy. Way to go buddy! We have one more week of basketball! Jessie was asked to be on the Pacesetter team which has it's tournament this Saturday. Brock's final Tournament of the season is also this Saturday. The tourneys are in different towns so this will be interesting to see how I pull this off. But after Saturday we are finished with the seasons! Normally, we would be transitioning into baseball or track or something but not this year. We'll just look ahead to the Fall sports and enjoy the breather for a while. Above pictures: Randy addressing his team. Jessie and her team eating at the banquet.