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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Third Place.

First of all, Randy is doing fine with his recovery. It is painful but that was to be expected. Today I removed his catheter that had medicine going directly to his surgical site. It came out very easily and smoothly, which is good. Randy experienced more pain today but overall he is doing well. In other family news, Brock played in a tourney all day in Virginia. I spent the whole day over there. The boys lost to Chisholm in their second game but won their last game against Duluth Denfeld. They ended up taking home third place. Just a couple more weeks and basketball is over for another year. Randy's folks came up to check on him and so dad and I hung out at the tournament while mom stayed here and took care of Randy. This is Brock with his third place medal. He was so tired from his long day but happy that they placed. Tomorrow the boys play over in Chisholm and hopefully they will redeem their four point loss of today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

more details

Poor Randy...he reminds me of one of those toy soldiers my brothers used to play with as children. All bruised and battered from war. My soldier is in bed. Still numb on his right side from the block they injected into him. His right neck area is bruised quite badly. The surgeon found a piece of cartiledge floating inside his shoulder. She was able to remove that. After making three entry points in his back/shoulder area she was able to do everything she had hoped to do. Randy has a catheter in his shoulder that dispenses medicine as needed. He drifts in and out of sleep and repeats himself alot. Other than that only time will help heal. The tube will come out on Saturday but he has to keep his arm in a sling for three weeks! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Well, the "surgery update" is as follows. Everything went really well! The surgeon found a significant injury but was able to still use the scope and fix it all up. HE is on his way home now from the Cities. Our good friend Jeff went with him. The biggest obstacle I can see is convincing Randy to lay low for a while and let people help him. People being ME, THE KIDS and HIS FRIENDS! Also, once his shoulder is feeling better the doctor said that he still needs to slow it down a bit. Some sports will be okay. Mashing/crashing/full contact raquetball is probably out! This will be the challenge in the days ahead. I want to also wish my Aunt Hazel a very Happy 70th Birthday! How great that I can send all my love "over the pond" to a wonderful, courageous, steadfast woman. I am thinking of you today and wish you all the best Auntie! (for some reason this thing won't let me start a new paragraph so please excuse this run-on post)

Monday, February 20, 2006


I haven't written in a while. I have had this terrible head cold that just hung on and gave me terrible headaches which rendered me pretty useless. I am gradually getting better. This is the big week. Randy has his surgery on Wednesday down in the Cities. I'll update you on how that goes. The kids had a long weekend which we are all enjoying! Even I took advantage of sleeping in. Brock played basketball against Mountain Iron/Buhl yesterday and his team won 45-8! He was obviously happy with that. Sydney was asked to sing the national anthem at the PeeWee Hockey tournament this weekend. She and her friend Nicole sang yesterday and go back today at 12:30 to sing again! What a fun honor and they did a great job! This week Jessie has her last basketball game. The Varsity girls still have a couple games left. Sadly, they lost their very first game this past weekend to a team down in the Cities! They are now 22-1. Well, that is it from this end for now. Happy President's Day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post #160

Well, here's the scoop. We lost everything! EvERyThiNG! So I am asking that you would please, send me a note so that I can get my address book going again. I created a new email account so that it is totally seperate from my computer. All y'all who even read this please drop me a line saying hey. Include your blog address again so I can put those in my fav. places. So much work. As far as our pictures go, there is a place where you can take your old hard drive to see if they can extract anything from it. We will give it a try.
Technology! Can't live with it, can't live without it.

For those of you who might have other people's email addresses that wouldn't normally read this could you please send them along too. I know it will take a while for me to get back to where I was. If you wrote me at my old aol account just resend those to the new address. aol is done for us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Dell is giving us a new hard drive for Valentines Day. Then I won't have to sit in the quiet library to post on here. These keys make so much noise, I am just waiting for a "Library Lady" to shush me!
So hopefully by tomorrow we will have a computer up and running.
I wonder if Dell can give me back all my pictures too!

Lady Bluejackets are now 21-0!! Three more games in regular season. Go Jackets!

Monday, February 13, 2006

On The Fritz

Hey Y'all, well the home computer is on the fritz again!!! How amazingly frustrating. Must be another virus!
Just thought I'd let you know in case you are trying to reach us via email. Don't know how long it will take to get it back up again! I'm at the church typing this.
Today is another basketball day for us. Jessie plays at 5:45 pm at home, Britt cheers for the Varsity girls at seven. Hopefully, the girls will remain undefeated. They did win last Saturday against the State ranked Orono Spartans. So their record is now 20-0! Tonight's games are against Eveleth Gilbert.
While they are here in town, I will take Brock over to Eveleth for his away game. Saturday his sixth grade team actually beat Chisholm. I think it was the first time that has happened since I can remember! The boys were happy.
Not much else to report other than we have had a bad batch of head colds going through the house. Not fun. I have been laying low this past weekend with it.
The weather has definately changed and turned cold. It is Minnesota winter time once again!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another win!

Last night the Lady Bluejackets pulled off another win against the Proctor Rails. It was a pretty close game for the first three quarters of it but finally Hibbing kicked it into gear and increased the lead to over a ten point spread.
The Ladies are now 19-0!

Tomorrow, Jessie has a tournament in Grand Rapids, Brock has a game in town against Chisholm and Britt has to cheer at a game here in town, in the afternoon. Randy will be in Grand Rapids all day and I am pretty sure I can juggle the intown stuff without getting out resorting to the yellow pages for "Hire A Parent" businesses. (I hear those people are expensive) ha!
Things are getting very busy as there are only three weeks left in the regular season for the girls. State is looking good!
Jacket Power!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some times

for Kim,

Some times, there are no words. Sometimes the darkness just closes in and it hurts to breathe.
Some times, it feels like I am standing on a dock watching you struggle out there with no way to reach you.
Some times, life gives one person grief, mourning and heartache enough for five lifetimes.
Some times, I wish I had answers for all those questions and a balm for those deep wounds.

At this time, I lift you up in prayer.
At this time, I cry for you from the depth of my heart.
At this time, I wish I could hold you my sister.

I am thankful for a God who hears those prayers,
Who sees every tear that falls from your eyes.
Who holds you better, closer and purer than I ever could.

The Verdict!

Finally, we have the verdict. Randy saw the specialist today in Stillwater, MN. The surgeon he was referred to is supposed to be the absolute best in this area. Better than anyone at the Mayo Clinic for this type of surgery. The surgeon is a woman to boot! How cool is that?
So anyway, she believes she can fix his problem orthoscopically! Which is great news. Way easier recovery.
Wednesday, February 22nd, we will travel down to the Clinic in Woodbury, MN. where she will perform this fairly routine procedure. Although, she did admit that the shoulder is such a complex area of our bodies that she won't truly know what is going on til she gets in there.
Best scenario is that he comes home the same day and wears a sling for a week! We trust, that he will be as good as new! Enjoying his active lifestyle once again in time for golf season!
Thank you to all who have asked about him and shown concern.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jessie and me on her fifteenth birthday!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Some of the gang at the concert last night! Brooke and Chelsea were off chillin' with Matt from Superchick!

My name is KJ aka KJ52! He was amazing!

Superchick! Matt wished Jessie a Happy Birthday from the stage!(thanks to Brooke who talked to him before the show)

It was a great night. Three adults who were all yawning by 9:30. Eleven pumped up teenagers. The show was great. Eleventy seven, Seventh Day Slumber, KJ52 and Superchick.

I love this picture of Brock. He meet KJ and had him sign his new CD and a dollar bill. When he handed the dollar to him KJ said, "oh hey man, you don't have to pay me". Brock loved it. As you can see he's growing up.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Buddy!

When Brittany was four months old, I started feeling sick to my stomach at a church picnic. This was the first sign of your life! My jeans were hard to zip up again. This was another sign. The pink line across the plastic stick was the confirmation! I was expecting another child!

I remember it so clearly. Though, it was suprising it was so amazingly exciting. We had no due date to go by, so I waited that year of 1990 wondering when you would arrive. The new year came. Still no baby. One month after Brittany turned one, you came into our world!
I remember all the names we had picked out for you just didn't seem to suit you. You had these huge brown eyes in your round face, looking nothing like your big sister had. I knew then that you were an original and the love I felt for my "peanut" was overwhelming.
Jessica Rae Williamson. You are still an original. You make us proud.I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May this your fifteenth year be one filled with joy, peace, love and adventure! We love you!!

Today Jessie plays basketball in a home tournament all day! Then we head to Duluth to see Superchic and KJ52 in concert. A great way to spend your birthday, hey buddy. Basketball and Superchic. What more could you ask for ????
Hibbing Varsity Girls beat Virginia 88-35. It's now 18-0!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Late night entertainment??????

Early this morning at about three, I was woken up suddenly by my faithful Nanny barking as aggressively as possible (for her). I then heard men's voices and saw headlights in the street in front of our house. Of course, this freaked me out! I quickly got up and watched out the window to see what was going on. We live out in the country on a VERY quiet dirt road. The yelling outside was startling. The car reversed a bit and then sped off around the corner. All the while, my "watchdog" barked as loud as she could.
After about half an hour I was able to calm myself and get back to sleep.
This morning I took a trip to Virginia first thing after dropping off the kids at school. It's someone's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to get some last minute things. My journey home brought me down our road in a less used route. I noticed a mailbox broken from it's stand up the road a bit. I was thinking how the snowplows should be more careful when plowing and how frustrated those people will be when they see the mess. As I approached our drive I noticed damage to our box as well. Suddenly it hit me. My early morning wake-up call was probably linked to the vandelism. I guess some amazingly talented people decided that three in the morning is the time to play baseball with people's mailboxes. At least ours is still standing. Our brand new shinny black box is now dented and chipped.
There are no words that can express the amazing lack of character some people possess.

the damaged goods!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jacket Jamboree!

It's "Jacket Jamboree" week at the High School! This is a fun week for the students which kind of breaks up the monotiny of winter! Each day has a theme in which the kids have to dress up for. Cheerleaders have to participate, so Britt has shown her school spirit and dressed up each day.
Monday was Stop Light Day: you wear red if your taken, yellow if your not interested and green if your single.
Tuesday was Retro Day: Britt was a hippie (sort of)
Wednesday was Dress your Best Day.
Thursday (today) is Rival Day: wear something from a rival school! Britt borrowed something from a N/K Spartan friend. (thanks Reid)
Friday is Hibbing Bluejacket Spirit Day! Blue and White rules!
Friday there is an assembly to crown the Jacket Jamboree royalty. Britt has to cheer and Northern Lights is singing. The week closes out with a dance. Plus, the Girls' Varsity Team heads to Virginia for a chance at a chance to remain undefeated.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy February!

Happy February. Hibbing Girls go to 17-0!!!
We woke to fresh snow this morning. Wonder if winter is finally here?
Mugsy is getting the hang of the housetraining! Thankfully. He is a funny little critter. Part dog, part cat and part bunny. He's great though.
February is a month of birthdays for us. I have nine cards to get out in the mail. I am so bad at that. Every year I tell myself to get on the ball with sending cards. I usually think of it the day of the birthday and by then it's too late. I have a special calender in the office that has only birthdays on it. Life for me is "a day at a time".
Last night Jessie and Randy went to Barnum, MN for basketball. All three Hibbing teams won. (A, B and C squad) Britt, Syd, Brock and I had a quiet night...except for while American Idol was on. I love watching these auditions. I never cease to be amazed at people's misplaced confidence.
All is well at the Williamsons. Randy has another week to wait before he heads south for his appointment with the specialist. My mouth is so much better now! I can actually eat again. (not sure how great that is). Have a great day!