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Friday, December 23, 2005

Williamson Annual Christmas letter online!

I broke with tradition this year and did not send out my annual letter in our Christmas cards. Instead I gave everyone the address to this blog because I figured that you can just read this from week to week to know what we've been up to. I thought I would POST our letter this year...so here goes!

Wow, another year is over. I really can't believe it. It has been a good year for our family. We have so much to be thankful for. We settled into our new home and experienced spring, summer and fall for the first time in our little house in the woods. 2005 has been a busy year for our family.

Unbelievably, Brittany will be sixteen in four short days! She is in grade ten. She has been involved in more things at school this past year which has really helped her come out of her shell. Last spring Britt found herself involved in the drama at the High School and loved it! She helped with costumes and backstage things. It was such a great experience for her that she signed up again this fall for the production of "Arsenic and Old Lace". She continues to sing in the choir and enjoys that also. Last April Brittany tried out for cheerleading and was happy to make the fall and winter squads. She is now in the midst of the winter Girls' Basketball season and is loving it. Our girls Varsity team is ranked 8th in the state. It is turning out to be a fun activity for her that has helped her become more confident. She continues to play the drums in church for our worship teams in both our main and youth services. She has taken lessons all year and has benefited greatly from them. She is looking forward to getting her liscence and finding a job!

Jessie is fourteen, fifteen in early February. She continues to play basketball and is on the High School's "C" squad. Her skills have improved greatly and she is a leader on and off the court. Jessica is also in the choir at the school and enjoys singing there and in the girl band she and Britt are in with three other young women. Jessica has also written some original songs that the girls are working on for an upcoming concert. Everyone tells her how much she looks like me, she always smiles and says "I know". How could she not she hears it all the time! I can see so much of myself in her. She is very independant and has a wicked sense of humor.

Sydney is twelve and in the seventh grade. This past year she hit a milestone when she entered the High School and youth group. She has changed so much this year! It is hard to put it all in words. We have seen our little girl become a young woman of strength and boldness. Sydney was asked to join Cross Country this past fall and excelled at it for one so inexperienced. As soon as spring arrives we will have her out running the country road our house is on. Aside from running she sings in the choir at school and has a wonderful voice. She was asked to be in a small group for her grade and we know that her future will include singing! She loves it! She is a very social girl and loves to meet new people. She remains very slim but has grown a bit taller this past year. She loves the High School and is so glad to be there with her older sisters now.

Brock! Well what can I say? We decided to keep track of his growth on the wall inside his closet. He grew three inches in a short amount of time but has seemed to slow down lately. He is hoping to be taller because of all the sports he is involved in. Now it's winter, he is in the throws of basketball season. But he still keeps up with football and baseball. He is an active boy who is quiet only when he sleeps. Brock is eleven and in the sixth grade. He is enjoying his last year at the Lincoln Middle School. He decided to put in an application for the Yearbook staff and was accepted. We are starting to see a young person who people are very drawn to and it is exciting to think of what the future holds for him. I love that he doesn't take things too seriously especially himself. He just wants to have fun!

Randy and I are doing well. We had a memorable summer vacation as we reunited with the Williamson side of the family in Wisconsin Dells. We spent three days with Randy's parents, siblings and our nephews and one niece this past August. It was great to all be together. We recently learned that Randy's grandfather is very ill with lung cancer and we hope to travel to see him very soon.

Randy is keeping busy at the church where things are going well. He is also coaching Jessie's basketball team this year and seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. It has been a great way for him to meet people in the community and school system. He still enjoys hunting in the fall and winter. This past summer he got in quite a bit of golf!
I keep very busy with the children and running our home. It seems that every year I am able to travel somewhere and this year was no different. A lifelong dream of mine was fulfilled in November as Randy sent me to southern California for an early birthday gift. I loved it there and hope to return someday. This is such a busy time of life having kids in all kinds of activities with varying schedules. But I am truly satisfied and won't ever complain. I love it! I love having teenagers! Life is never dull and always challenging. I recently hit the big "four-O"! and can honestly say that these are the greatest days and I know better are still to come.

From our home to yours we do wish all our friends and family and Merry Christmas and a healthy, full, peaceful and blessed New Year!!
The Williamson family.


Blogger Red said...

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23 December, 2005 23:33  
Blogger Red said...

Hey Williamson family!

I can't believe the year's almost over too! My gosh!
I am so happy that your kids are growing up into well-rounded people.
I am praying for you all through the busy days and Randy's grandfather. (I know what it's like to go though that difficult time, one of my grandmas had it).
If I don't see any of you this Christmas, God bless you all and have a wonderful holiday! Have to say that one of my biggest blessings this year was actually meeting all of you! (I was only introduced to you all in the past).


23 December, 2005 23:40  
Blogger Red said...

I meant to say, if I never see you all before this Christmas. :)

23 December, 2005 23:42  
Blogger Shainerz said...

Merry Christmas to my busy Willy family! :) Love you guys

24 December, 2005 07:56  
Blogger JC said...

Merry Christmas to all of you also! I'm so glad you post so often about your family. We sure miss you guys so much.

24 December, 2005 13:00  

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