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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday Night Basketball results.

I immediately checked the TV for school closings this morning. We are in the midst of a snowstorm that is supposed to dump quite a bit on us for the next forty-eight hours. I looked outside the front door and it is snowing now and has already left a few inches. To my disapointment Hibbing is not one of the schools scrolling by at the bottom of my screen. My disapointment will be nothing compared to the four sleeping student's reaction when I have to wake them this morning.
Last night Hibbing played Bemidji in Girls' Basketball. Our Boys' teams travelled there but the girls stayed here. Of course, we all went to cheer on the coach and his crew. They had a twenty point lead in the first half but after half time they made many errors and Bemidji caught up. With three seconds left. Jessie threw the ball to her team mate Kate and she went up for a three pointer. She made it! To tie the game and send it into overtime. The extra four minutes gave the Hibbing team time to regroup and come out as the victors. They are now 3-0 for the season. Jessie got like 10 or 12 points last night. But was very disapointed in her free throw shooting.
Brittany cheered for the Varsity girls who won by twenty points. JV won their game as well. A good night for the Hibbing Bluejacket ladies!!


Blogger Red said...

The roads weren't the best this morning, that's for sure.
Jessie has more games and she'll continue to get better. 10-12 points is good!


14 December, 2005 06:33  
Blogger Shainerz said...

Reading your post SERIOUSLY gave me the shivers! lol! WAY TO GO Jessie!! I know the game was probably stressful, but how exciting that they (all) won!! Go Bluejacket's! Austin was one of those schools cancelled today..even the college! You should see how much snow we have. Hib-town has been doing okay w/class cancellations the past couple years, hopefully this year will be another one! If you get what we got last night, it'll for sure be cancelled tomorrow.

14 December, 2005 07:01  
Blogger The Smelker Seven said...

Sue - I love reading about your kids and their athletic abilities.

We don't get snow days here, although the schools have been known to close because of ice (like once a decade). I wonder whether they do 'heat' days here like they used to in South Africa? I doubt it because schools here have air conditioning, unlike the schools I went to in Africa. In South Africa once the temperature reached 34 degrees centrigrade (that's about 100 farenheit) schools would close.

And Terry wondered why I had a hard time adjusting to Michigan's climate!

14 December, 2005 08:25  

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