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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Next time..

Today I was startled out of a deep sleep by the telephone. Amazing the difference a day can make. We always hear that old saying that we need to never take for granted those we love because you never know when they might not be there anymore. So, after a tragedy we make the resolution to follow that advice. Then as time passes the conviction fades. Until the next time...today was one of those "next times" for me. The early morning phone call informed me of a death.
I clean house for a couple of families as some of you probably know. One of my families is without a husband, father, papa, friend, brother, uncle and boss today. Suddenly, he is gone, taken away by a heart attack at the age of fifty-seven. My heart is heavy because I lost my father the same way when I was twenty-six and I know the pain and shock. I respect my employer very much and have grown to "know" them well as I am entrusted with their private life week after week.
Sometimes I wonder why God has me cleaning other people's toilets. I just know that this is a season in my life and it is teaching me to be a servant. Besides, how would I have ever met this couple if He had not seen fit to bring our paths together in such a way?
I didn't really want to even post about this cuz it's such a sad subject. But, it is part of this life journey. May we all follow where God leads, even if it seems like He's leading you somewhere foreign. That is when two paths cross.
Seize the day my friends.


Blogger Shainerz said...

I'll be keeping the family in my prayers..I know how much you are attached to them! I think you are a great example of living a servant's life! I'm glad the familiy has someone like you around to go the extra mile & to be there for them during this hard time.

04 December, 2005 20:18  
Blogger JC said...

I hate those early morning phone calls. I was 27 when I got mine.

04 December, 2005 20:49  
Blogger The Smelker Seven said...

I am praying for the family - and for you as the opportunity to minister comes along.

04 December, 2005 21:27  
Blogger Red said...

Just sad when I heard the news. I am going to be praying for the family.
I've been through those times when I lost a loved one so suddenly. One of my grandma's died of cancer in '93. You can't help but almost feel the same pain and sadness. Hang in there, Mrs. Willy.


04 December, 2005 22:08  
Blogger the devine one said...

Open the gates and seize the day! Something..something.. and don't delay!

05 December, 2005 15:11  
Blogger FLGSATELLITE said...

Ah death...and where are they spending eternity? That is what always grips my heart. Death and that nagging question came to me a few weeks ago too , as one of our club members was in a fatal car accident.
The local tatoo artist.
The self-proclaimed "pagan", made me want to turn away...
& I did , and now he is no longer walking by me.
I hope someone was more faithful than me.
The stars shine over the mountains,
the stars shine over the sea,
The stars look up to the mighty God,
the stars look down on me;
The stars shall last for a million years,
a million years and a day,
But God and I will live and love,
when the stars have passed away.
May all who read this live and love when the stars have all passed a way...

06 December, 2005 02:39  

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