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Friday, December 09, 2005

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

Wow, sometimes it hits me what a city girl I actually am. As many of you know Randy is "away" right now. So the chores have fallen to me and I am happy to do them. Early each morning as soon as I wake, I put on every bit of clothing I can find and trudge out my back door and with eyes half open I start my journey hoping that I am heading in the general direction of our woodstove. Our home is heated with this system and I would like to explain how it works but:
1) it would make for a boring post
2) I really don't know!
All I know is that I have to fill it with wood.
It has been exceptionally cold up here in Hibbing the past week and the colder it is the more wood my metal buddy goes through. I am thinking of naming it seeing as we have this growing relationship. Any suggestions?
Anyway, I have already broken one nail. I keep hoping that there is this country girl inside me somewhere.
Besides that we are all keeping close eyes on our two puppies and Nanny. After "Huck" died earlier this week, for no apparent reason, 'puppy sitting' is our number one priority! Nanny also has decided that she is "mommy". She will not leave their side. We put them into a kennel in the heated part of our garage. I am sure Nanny would much rather be outside in the snow! But she sits by their kennel and won't leave them, until we take them outside. Yesterday I had fed her outside but immediately put the two pups back in the warmth of the garage. Nanny barked at the back door of the garage until I let her back in with them. What a good Nanny she is being while Sal is away hunting.
I want to say thank you to all of you who have been praying for us through this "rough" week. I do appreciate your support and friendship. And to Aaron for making your daily phone calls to check in on me. You rock!
Happy Birthday Uncle Rhett. Sorry I am a day late with this greeting.


Blogger FLGSATELLITE said...

...broken nails? Try a little singed hair and watering eyes! Give me 5th Avenue! I just found out 3 days into this there is a light switch on the contraption! Yes , @ 10:00 I have been in the dark , @ 5:00a.m. I have been in the dark...I am at work and I have in my purse a long red "fire lighter" just in case it had gone out...(in too much of a hurry to bring it back to the drawer it belongs in. My purse? Yeah she smokes those long stogies!!!" Ah by the way Suevera , do you need any cardboard ? I've found it works absolutely the best! My back seat is full everynight when I leave work.
Do you notice when your in the shower you can still smell smoke? Yuk!!!!
Have a great day!

09 December, 2005 05:10  
Blogger Shainerz said...

That's so cute that Nanny is taking Sal's role until she returns! Teamwork!

09 December, 2005 06:16  
Blogger Red said...

Such a great dog Nanny is. That's cute she's taking role as mother.
I am glad that I can help you and your family by prayer. Hope things will get better for you.

09 December, 2005 07:10  
Blogger Colleen said...

So, is Nanny the St. Bernard?

Cool, I was just reading your other posts. Another Gilmore Girls fan. David and I have been hooked since the first year when David watched it and was convinced that they had a camera in his parents house!!! Emily and my MIL, are one in the same person

09 December, 2005 12:59  
Blogger JC said...

I love it when satellite girl comments!

Sue- I'm so sorry you have to stoke that stove. You do great for livin' in Hibtown!

09 December, 2005 14:53  
Blogger The Smelker Seven said...

Sue, you remind with me with your post why I am grateful that I live in San Antonio (just in case I needed to reminded or became complacent about where I live).

I am glad your other pups are doing well, it is hard when something unexpected happens to an animal.

Have a great weekend.

09 December, 2005 16:32  

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