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Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have to say that this is absolutely my favorite month! People seem happier and I just love the Christmas season. So nice that I can actually say the word "Christmas", seeing as this is my blog and the world can't tell me they're offended. Yeah! for December!
Today I had a very productive day. Randy and I are hosting our Church staff and the Board of Deacons and their spouses on Saturday for our annual Christmas party. I love having everyone over and showering them with love and food! They all do so much throughout the year that we like to have them in our home and spend a fun-filled December evening with them.
I baked all day! Let's see, I completed seven recipes today. I put on my "Gilmore Girls" first season DVDs and spent all day in the kitchen. For those of you who don't know the Gilmore Girls they are the Williamson Women's favorite Tuesday night chums! I have to say the first seasons were my favorite. (As with all shows they seem to go downhill after a while.)
I also got all my Christmas cards mailed. So I have to say that I am feeling pretty good about facing December now!!!
I hope this December 1st finds you all looking ahead to the season of Christ's birth with joy, health and love!


Blogger Red said...

December is an awesome month!
You're were a pretty busy woman today, Mrs. Willy, my gosh! It was for very good reasons though.
Great last message below. I am looking forward to the best birthday to celebrate!

01 December, 2005 14:56  
Blogger Shainerz said...

Did you happen to bake a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies? haha. You are definetley on the ball so far this month! Hope the party goes well!

01 December, 2005 17:58  
Blogger dangeresque dan said...

I've always loved this month as well. It is a time for family and a time for fun. When I worked at Wal~Mart for that season, I thought people didn't seem that happy. It was like most of them viewed Christmas as a an obligation instead of as a celebration. It's rather sad in a way; viewing Christ's birth as an obligation.

02 December, 2005 05:23  
Blogger the devine one said...

I love December as well! It's a great month. You sure are a busy one, but it's good to keep busy. (: LOVE YOU!!!!

02 December, 2005 07:50  
Blogger JC said...

oh my mouth is watering just knowing you are making all those yummy things and I'll be missing it. HOpe you all have a good time!
BTW- the linguini turned out WONDERFUL! we ate it last night and this afternoon. (I think i'll have to 1/2 that recepie for the 2.5 of us)

02 December, 2005 12:26  

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