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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Letting go....

Another month over; the month of football, long weekends, changing leaves, deer hunting and youth convention. The trees are bare outside our office window here in northern Minnesota. The white birches stand tall and slender allowing the green pines to come into view for another year. Soon the snow will come and lay so beautifully on those great pine limbs. I love the look of our woods after a fresh snow fall. It is time to let go of another season. I'm not very good at letting go.
I have always considered November the start of the winter season since we moved here. With the changing seasons, we can count on the temperature dropping, basketball courts replace stadiums, extra time in the morning for the car to warm up, coats replace jackets, hot tea and cocoa replace iced tea and lemonade and we try to find that missing pink mitten before it's too late.
Tomorrow, I will head down to Minneapolis to spend a night there before my flight to California. Upon my arrival I will be greeted by sunshine, surf, sand and a warm ocean breeze. It's my chance to hang on to the previous season just a little bit longer. I'm not very good at letting go.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Fans.

Brooke S, Britt, Brooke D., Amber, Jessie and Ruthie in front. Game Day in NK!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

On to the Section Finals......again!!

Congratulations Nashwauk Keewatin Spartans. Final score 41-21 over the Cook County Vikings.
Thanks for the memories guys! You will probably never see this but we enjoyed many games watching you Reid and we thank you for your fine example of sportsmanship, determination, leadership and athleticism you've shown over the past two years.
All the best on Thursday in Duluth!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Deer Hunting

Success! Randy got his deer this morning. I would post a picture, but I am sensitive to those animal lovers out there like my daughter Jessica. The nine point Buck is hanging from a tree by our driveway. As we pulled in after school the sobs came from the back seat. If you want to see pictures ask and I will email them.
Only in Northern Minnesota can you pull your son out of school to go with you to track and gut a deer. Not only that, but have all the male teachers asking you to describe everything when you get back!!!!!! I have to laugh, it is seriously not something that every student in this country would be excused for and then receive a hero's welcome upon their return.
I know I post about lots of family things on this blog but they mainly have to do with the girls. So I figured the guys deserve equal time and my husband deserves his time in the spotlight. He was so happy!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Another MEA weekend over!

For those of you not from Minnesota, every third weekend in the month of October is MEA (Minnesota Education Association) weekend. This is a weekend where teachers are able to attend special educational meetings down in Minneapolis. Every student in our state has a four day weekend. (colleges included) This is also the weekend that our denomination has their annual Youth Convention down in Rochester, MN. This year the three girls attended the convention, as you can read in my previous posts.
This year they were able to attend a Grits concert along with the regular services. Being with hundreds of other Christian kids from all over the state was a great experience for them and I can tell from all their stories that they had a blast. What a fun time in life, these teen years! We are so fortunate that we live in a place that allows them to have such freedom in their beliefs.

Here are the girls with their friends at the Grits concert! From left to right: Brittany E., Jessie, Amber, our Britt and Brooke. Thanks to Amber for the pic!

Now it is Monday morning and back to school, homework and schedules! I can't wait for October to be over. I never like this time of year with all the Hallowe'en stuff. Not to mention November means California!!! One more week to go!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Brock the conversationalist!

So, ya! The days of silence are a big farse! I thought it would be quiet. Brock thought it would be quiet. We all had this imaginary scenario of the hours without teenage girls in the house. But can I just tell you that one eleven year old boy can talk way more than three girls put together. Seriously, one one trip to town Brock talked non-stop the whole way! Randy and I were laughing in the front seat.
Brock enjoyed his time though, I have to say. He got to hunt with his dad and he went and saw a couple of good movies. Good, clean, fun movies. We saw Wallace and Gromit which was a really funny movie. We enjoyed it alot! Then on Friday night, Anne and I took Brock to go see
"The Greatest Game Ever Played". I would highly recommend it if you are into golf. Or if you are a Shia LaBeouf fan (from Even Stevens fame). He is a very good actor. There were some little kids in the theatre that were dropped off from parents who were attending the "R" rated movie "North Country". Kids alone in a movie! Mmm? my vote is no! At least not when they aren't old enough and I don't think that this movie was at a level that young kids would enjoy. My eleven year old son loved it. He enjoys the game of golf and after watching the movie he was very inspired!! He stopped at the garage on the way into the house to get his putter and he's had it out pretty much since then.
Besides going to movies he spent lots of time hunting with his dad. I took this picture this morning after they returned from their early morning hunt!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"The Days of Silence" are upon us!

the three girls unloading their bags at the church

It is official, the house is now dominated by testosterone. For the first time ever the Williamson home has a male majority. Grunting, football, archery, loud yelling, wrestling on the carpet, assorted bodily noises and hunting will now be the norm. Crying, drama, make-up, hairspray, giggling and chick flicks are but a memory. The men rule! The men get the remote! The men pick the food (Doritos and Rootbeer) The men can do whatever they want.
A big grey vehicle took my three girlies away to distant shores. Where they will rediscover the joys of city living....Malls, city boys, traffic and food courts!
The next fifty-six hours (yes I counted) will be unchartered territory for me. I know I will survive. I might actually get some "me" time. Time that won't include pushing a vacumn cleaner or a shopping cart! Maybe I might actually get to read! Yippee!!!
Let's hear it for "The Days of Silence"!!!!(considering all the male noises around here, I don't think the next two days really qualify as being days of silence, this is just what Brock likes to call them.)

the big grey bus!

MYC here we come! Chelsea, Natalie and Britt.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another end to another sport!

Sydney at the finish line! The fourth girl through in the 7th-9th grade race.

Sydney at the IRC meet in Hoyt Lakes, yesterday. She placed fourth. That was her best finish this year. She was able to hand in her uniform and now she just has a banquet to finish out the year. Britt and Jess came with me yesterday to cheer her on. It was cold and rainy!

On another note, I injured my back somehow on Monday. One of those things where you are working throughout your day and by late afternoon the pain started but I couldn't remember doing anything in particular that would have caused it. But by the time I finished putting the last dish away after a dinner I had made for the church, I was in severe pain! So my friendly neighborhood drug dealer set me up and the medication has helped. But I have been off work all week. Not fun. It was just last week that I was saying how grateful I was to be healthy enough to work a job.

Well, it is a short week for us. The three older girls are so excited to head out to Youth Convention tomorrow morning. They come back Saturday night. This is an annual event they go to with the youth from our church and all the A/G kids from around the state. They all gather in Rochester for this time of fun, worship, services and a concert!! It will be a lot quieter around this place without them. Brock is looking forward to the "days of quiet", as they will be officially known as around here!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday nights phone calls!

Tonight, was my once a week talk with my mum. She lives in London. Canada that is. I got to thinking of all that my mum has been through in her life. Not the least of which was WWII. So many of things that are just too personal to express on this blog. I guess when you write things on your on line journal you have to know and expect that the whole world pretty much can read them. So, I think that my mother's life is too special to exploit that way. I just think that when you get to be an adult you look at your parents very differently than how you do when you are a kid. With time comes appreciation. With age comes a respect. With distance comes longing.

My family celebrated their Thanksgiving this past week. I was totally remiss in not mentioning it and wishing them all a very happy holiday. Jenny C. even paid homage to my homeland holiday. (wow lot's of "h"s) Everything is pretty much the same there as it is here. Turkey, stuffing, gravy and pie. Randy and I actually celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving for a few years after we moved to the U.S.
Personally, I prefer it in October. I am not sure if that is because it is a childhood familiarity or if it is because it is further away from Christmas. Probably, a little of both.
I miss my family and if any of you read this know that I am thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful Turkey day! Oh and all you kids who read this, be good to your mums!

Friday, October 14, 2005

The face of disapointment.

Unfortunately, black team lost last night to N/K. Brock was sorely disapointed. He did get to QB for part of the game and his buddy Reid was there. So the whole night wasn't a wash. But boys are so competitive and losing is hard. It was a great night to watch a game. Thanks to Mrs. V who took time out to come and watch also.

Sydney placed seventh in her Cross Country meet yesterday. Apparently, the driver of the lead vehicle didn't leave the course at the right place, therefore, the junior high runners ran the same distance as Varsity. Syd said she was so tired. But she managed to hang in there and place. She has a nice collection of ribbons now.

We have about three weeks of a more calm schedule before it heats up for winter sports. It sounds like we are going to have nice weather for Brock and Jessie to get out and shoot some hoops! Good-bye football.....hello BASKETBALL!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nashwauk here we come!

Strange how we have this connection to Nashwauk. Tonight again, we are heading over there. This time it isn't for a Varsity game but rather a 5th and 6th grade game. Brock's last game of his 5/6 grade football team career. Next year it is on to the big leagues!! ha ha.
It has rained all day! So I'm thinking that the white pants he wears probably isn't the best color choice but hey! laundry is fun for me. I know, I know, I'm weird. But I love a good stain challenge! I hope to have some pictures but my digital decided to change settings and now my pics are all too big for Image Shack to host. I am going to do my best to read through my manual and try to figure out how to change it back. Someone else did it for me in the first place and I probably should have taken a lesson back then. I honestly don't know how it went back to the previous setting. Oh well. I am no Lisa B. but I will try to understand my manual.

I am off to watch Britt cheer her last game of the fall season. It has been an up and down experience for her. She isn't sold on being a cheerleader. But she is committed to the winter season and will make a final decision after that is over.

Not much else going on here. Just surfing the internet! looking at Laguna Beach sites. I'm wondering if I should try real surfing! I've always wanted to. Something about turning forty makes you realize life is passing you by so you better make the most of every opportunity. What do all you think? Would you try it if you had the chance? Surfing Laguna Beach, California! Yes or no?????

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beautiful Fall Days

We are enjoying some beautiful weather! It is just gorgeous. I love the fall and we have really been fortunate to have some great days for watching football, taking a walk in the woods or just hanging out at home on our land. As we head into mid-October Brock is finishing up his football season. He plays his last game Thursday evening over in Nashwauk. He always loves playing at Angelo Taddie Field! He can play on the same field as his role model/"big brother" Reid. I am so thankful for people who invest in my kids and Reid is a young man from our church, who has been a great example for Brock. After our trip to Nashwauk on Thursday Brock will turn in his equipment for another year.
Brittany cheers at her last game on Thursday as well. Another fall season of sports is coming to an end. She'll have a couple weeks off and then start practice for winter cheerleading. It'll be good for her to have a little break for a while. She is still working on catching up from everything she missed while she was sick. Tomorrow we head to the clinic for her follow-up chest x-ray. Hopefully, her lungs will be clear.

Three weeks tomorrow and I leave for California!! How blessed am I??

Sunday, October 09, 2005

early birthday gift!

I can't help myself....I am so excited. I'm going away for a few days thanks to my amazing husband. An early birthday gift!! Forty isn't looking so bad after all.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hibbing Meet

Yesterday, was the Rotary Cross Country Meet here in Hibbing. The weather was not kind to the over six hundred students that ran. I saw kids from Chisholm, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, Duluth, Esko, Proctor and Albrook just to name a few. The sun would shine, then it would rain, then it even snowed. In fact as Sydney ran her race the snow started to fall. She did very well though placing seventh! I am not sure how many actually ran in her race but it was seventh, eighth and some nineth graders. She brought a ribbon home for her achievements.
After she was finished I quickly got her pants back on her. Earlier, we had watched one boy from the Varisity level lay on the ground after his race. He was almost seizing and we came to find out he had hypothermia. It was not pleasant to watch. But they got him warmed up and hopefully he is fine!
Brittany was able to go back to school yesterday! First time in almost a week! She is almost finished her five day antibiotic pack and is doing much better!!! Thanks for all of you who emailed, called, sent cards, balloons or flowers!
I'll tell you what....God is amazing. People can do things to you in this life that really hurt sometimes. But then God sends along the RIGHT people who pick you back up again. And unbeknownst to them they become a demonstration of His great Love!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This really has nothing to do with our family. As much as it does with me. But I wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone has any insights. Warning: this is a post on a serious note.

Why is it that? A person can do a hundred nice things for others but it is only the one thing they forgot to do that was noticed.
Why is that? I could speak life into a young woman 99% of the time but it's the one time I corrected her that she remembers and dwells on.
Why is it that? someone can be in our midst day after day and we never acknowledge them, until it is time to judge them.
Why is it that? people feel they can gossip but when they think you have done it they are on your doorstep to condemn.
Why is it? that we never appreciate people enough, usually until they are gone.
Human nature??

I once heard that for every one negative thing you say about someone you'll need to say 10 positive. It is amazing the power that people's words carry isn't it.
Can I encourage you today to speak life to people, judge carefully and love greatly!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Trip to the ER

We are glad that we finally have a reason for Brittany's illness. It has a name. After three hours, blood work, chest x-rays, old people moaning loudly, a doctor that resembled a muppet, a strange waiting room companion and a "cute" lab tech (Amber, Brit thought you'd have liked him) we have an answer!!!
On a serious note, Brittany does have pneumonia. Her fever jumped up to 102.8 last night after giving her two tylenol. I couldn't get her fever down and had really had enough. I called my dear friend Anne, who is my medical expert and she agreed that I should take her in. I was pretty upset by this point and felt that whatever wait I had at our local hospital was worth it.
They gave us a couple of starter pills until we can get her perscription filled. Unfortunately, they are obviously too strong for her or she has an allergy to that particular one, because about twenty minutes (I think) after she had taken it, Britt was in the bathroom. She was sick until it was gone. (sorry if that is gross) So now we really need some prayer that the doctors find something she can keep down. Otherwise, IV drugs will be our only answer....and you know what that means. But we won't get ahead of ourselves here. One thing at a time. I appreciate your prayers. And I know Brittany does too. Hopefully, you won't have to read too many more posts with the words Britt and fever!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Memories with Grandpa

What a gorgeous weekend we had here in Hibbing. The sun was shining and it was so warm. Church was great this morning.
I've decided that if Britt is still not feeling well she will go back to the doctor tomorrow. It is getting kind of rediculous with the fevers and such. She still isn't herself.
Sydney had a good time at the Cross Country Meet yesterday. She isn't sure what place she took but from what we could guess she placed somewhere in the top twenty. There were ninety runners in her bracket. One girl from Hibbing took third, which is amazing! This week the meet is right here in Hibbing. We will all go and cheer her on.
Tonight Brock went out with his grandpa to sit in the deer stand. He was so excited. He came home from getting Grandpa's liscence and ran to his room. He couldn't find his shirt or his bibs. (of course, this isn't anything new. Usually things are right there he just doesn't take time to look closely) He was so happy to get to go and do this with Grandpa! I am grateful for those memories he will have. One day he can tell his kids about the fall evenings that he sat in a tree with a cool wind blowing through his hair, sitting beside his grandpa.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


okay first of all-where did all the flies come from?? My house is being invaded. YUK!
Secondly, it is October (finally) and we are enjoying eighty degree weather today. What is up with that? Not that I mind the gorgeous weather. It is a wonderful day to go and take some pictures. Which I think I will do later. But I will have to wear shorts while I am doing it.
My father-in-law came into town last night. He will spend some time with Randy doing their fair share of "walking in the woods". That is what us animal lovers like to call it.
Sydney was up early! I had to have her to the school by 7 a.m. She is running in the Swain Cross Country Meet in Duluth today. She raced at 10:00 this morning, so she has to sit around now til everyone is finished. At least it is nice out. I am wondering how she did. They lump all the junior high kids into one race. That must be alot of students!!!
Britt is still not well. She did go to school yesterday but it seems as though she is worse off again today. I don't think she will be cheering at the soccer game.
I think that we will go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I hope that wherever you are today you will do the same.