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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who doesn't love a puppy???

The title kind of gives it away. I took some pictures today of the litter. It is hard to take puppy pictures. They are always running around or relieving themselves. Either choice isn't the best. I think I got one that is pretty decent. Oh and Pastor Al, as you can see we find great uses for our Hibbing paper.

I did end up taking Britt to the doctor today. Seeing as she is missing her second day of school, I felt that I should find out what is going on. She does have a fever and he thought her spleen seemed distended. Those two factors plus some other syptoms pointed to a possiblity of mono. So she had blood taken. (but no giant Q-tip) It showed negative which he thought it might. I guess it takes seven to ten days for mono to show on a blood test. So we will just pray for her to be healthy and wait.......why does the doctor's office always involve some sort of waiting? Just thought I would update the situation. Thanks to dear Brooke S. and Pastor Aaron for inquiring after her. You are both very sweet!
It is almost the weekend. This has been one incredibly long week for us around here. Tomorrow is the end of another month! September blogging is ready for the Archives!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sick Day

Sure enough, Britt is sick. Not sure with what. We are holding off with a doctor's visit. If she isn't better by tomorrow then I will take her in, no matter how much she fusses. She hates needles and throat swabs. And I can't say that I enjoy the doctor's office. Waiting....and more waiting. For five minutes of poking and prodding and giant Q-tips. Not fun.
While I worked this morning, she slept. Now she's watching a movie! Rough. Randy and I think it is a probably a touch of a flu and a large amount of being run down. The girl loves to keep busy but I think her body is telling her to cool it a little. Poor kid! That's the update. No school, no youth group tonight. Lots of fluids and TLC.

Pic of Amber and Brit from Homecoming weekend. Thanks to Amber for sending it to me. Hopefully, Brit will be up and cheering soon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Race

Sydney had her first Cross Country race today in Duluth at the Lakeview Meet. It was held behind this Nursing Home in the Hermantown area. Coach Pullar told her yesterday that he would like her to race in this meet. It was her first ever, so I knew I had to be there!!
After attending a funeral this morning I headed out around 1:00 pm. I found the location after one wrong turn. I got there just in time. Sydney was the lone female runner for Hibbing in the grade seven bracket. She was pretty nervous before the race started. I watched her take off along with twenty-seven other runners. It was quite a large pack!
As the first runner came by I kind of held my breath a little. Before too long I saw her round the corner. She took eighth place!!!! Which was great~she even got a nice little medal. Her time was 7 min. 42 sec. She told me she has done better than that time in gym but her knee started hurting during the run and so she slowed down a bit. I was so thrilled for her though as her team mates cheered her to the finish line. Yea! Sydney! She might just have a bright future in running.

Here's Sydney after her race.
I left Randy to take care of all the after school/evening running around. He got everyone where they needed to be on time! Way to go honey. Poor Britt is feeling really sick. She came home from cheering tonight with a fever. Hopefully, she will bounce back. Her neck looks really swollen though. She hates the throat swabs at the doctor's office but if she wakes up just as sick I have a feeling she might just have to experience that elongated Q-tip down her throat. What can you do??? I told you that there is never a dull moment here.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The goings on...

It's a dreary Sunday afternoon, the roast and mashed potatoes are gone. Dirty plates line the counter, so I am escaping to blogland.
The Williamson clan is grand. We enjoyed some Homecoming festivities this week. Unfortunately, some kids decided that a football game is a great place to display their immaturity and came drunk. It was actually pretty sad. I have never lived anywhere that teen drinking is so prevalent. I am caught between anger and great sadness. Anger that my kids can't even go to a football game without witnessing their peers drunk. And sadness that so many kids have to drink to fit in, have fun and attend a high school activity. Our school has it's hands full with this issue! I think my knees are the best place to take this one.

Anyway, tomorrow is a day off school for my four kids. Their lives have been pretty busy so this comes at a good time. School activities are still on the schedule. Cheerleading, cross country and a football game will crowd out the later hours of the day. Sydney is loving her new challenge of running every day. We aren't sure when she will actually participate in a race but she practices every day with the team. She really likes it.
Our seven puppies are on solid food as of today. Actually, they are in the process of being weaned. Sal is not enjoying nursing these little critters any longer. The teeth and claws make for a rough experience for mom. They are all growing and actually have some play time. Chewing on each other's noses and ears.
Fall is definately here. We fired up our wood stove finally to get some heat going. The nights were getting too cool. I love this time of year though. Northern Minnesota is absolutely beautiful in the fall. The leaves are starting to change. I will try to capture some pictures to post sometime soon.
Randy is spending his evenings sitting in his deer stand. He has seen a few but as of yet he hasn't taken anything.
So that is it for now....the goings on in Hib-town!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

more pictures from the Pole!

This is one of the last pictures I took at about 7:20 am.The group had grown quite a bit. Off to the far right you can see two people talking. The one in the light pants was a reporter from our local paper. Hopefully some of her interviews with the kids and pictures she took will be in tomorrow's paper!

It is kind of dark but I like how the sun was shinning on the flag, which was still half mast. I love this picture!

C U at the Pole-2005

Another year for students to take an opportunity to pray around their school flag pole. I dropped off the three girls at seven this morning and they joined the few kids who had already gathered. I stayed for a while and took some pictures and soon the circle became quite large.

This is one of my favorite photos. I'll post more later, when I am not so rushed.
My prayer is that kids would take time to pray every morning for their school, teachers and classmates. It was a blessing to see so many out at Hibbing High!!! Way to go guys!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

First game of the season....

Brock had his first football game tonight. Unfortunately his team lost. Last year they didn't win one game. It gets a little frustrating for him to say the least. In Little League they have try-outs and then the coaches take turns picking players. This ensures that one team isn't loaded with all the good players.
For football, things work very differently. Last year the coaches picked all the players they wanted and according to his last year coach he pretty much got the kids that were left. He knew Brock and so asked for him. Pastor Aaron was his coach back then and being fairly new to Hibbing he doesn't know any of the boys. I guess my point is that the teams are somewhat stacked. The boys stay on the same team for the two years of this particular program. I guess he will just have to chalk it up to some experience and look forward to when things are done differently in seventh grade!
Here's a pic of the disheartened kid.

Thanks to Anne, Faye, Gibby and Graham for coming out to watch.

Prom Alternative 2006!

This post is for all the local kids...it's time to start planning another Prom Alt. I am looking for any comments or suggestions. Obviously, we can't please everyone but if you have something you want to share I would love to hear from you.
If you live somewhere else and have experienced similar events and care to share then feel free to weigh in. Look forward to hearing from you all.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Homecoming! eh????

Growing up in Canada, we did not have the fun tradition of Homecoming. I watched enough American TV to know what it was and thought it looked fun but never experienced it. I thought I would do a little research on the history of this truly American Tradition. First of all, the reason for this fall time ritual does not have anything to do with football teams coming back home to play after long road trips, as some people mistakenly believed. The tradition was started at the College level and was strictly to encourage alumni to visit their alma maters. Homecoming has been an annual occurance since 1921 (except in 1943 & 1944 because of WWII). Ohio University claims to have started the tradition that has grown from year to year and usually includes a football game, crowning a Homecoming queen, a Saturday night dance and a parade.
I was talking to one local man who used to live in Texas and he told me that it is huge down there. Schools have parades through town which makes it more of a community event! Personally, I wish Homecoming was more like that here in Hibbing.
Randy told me that in his hometown of Kenosha, WI that Homecoming was always a big deal. The dance was a formal affair with tuxes and dresses for the girls! Obviously, pretty much every Highschool and college across the U.S. have a Homecoming but the actual celebrations differ.
This is Homecoming Week here in Hibbing! At our High school each day has a different theme, which are as follows:
Monday: scrub day (meaning wear grubby clothes)
Tuesday: brainiac day
Wednesday: fake an injury day (who came up with that one???)
Thursday: dress your best day
Friday: Blue and White day (of course)
Home football game vs. Grand Rapids at 7:00 pm-Cheever Field
Homecoming Dance 9:00 pm at the High School

Thursday afternoon there is a Pep Rally in the Auditorium. Britt has been learning a choreographed number that all the cheerleaders are performing at the rally. The band usually plays and "Northern Lights" sing.
It is a fun week and I know of a few people coming home from college for the weekend. So I guess Homecoming is still what it was originally intended to be.
***This post is dedicated to all my Canadian friends!! Domestic and International.***

Friday, September 16, 2005


PKs. Otherwise known as Pastor's kids. I have four of them. Today three of them left to join others like them from across our state of Minnesota. Once a year our District Administration in our denomination holds a weekend retreat for all the PKs. It is in Alexandria Minnesota. Which is about four/five hours away. I think that most of the time we don't give much attention to the fact our kids our minister's children. I am so thankful for a church that doesn't put unreasonable expectations on our children. Meaning they don't expect them to be perfect, play piano, sing in the choir, wear a suit or dress every Sunday, use manners all the time and never raise their voices.
I personally feel that my kids feel the effects of what their dad does mainly at school. They are definately labelled. Just last week a boy was teasing Britt about being a cheerleader and how her being a Pastor's daughter made it hard for him to believe she was a cheerleader too. He didn't mean any harm but in his mind the two just didn't fit. Funny-people's perceptions.
I am glad that for one weekend my kids are spoiled and encouraged by other people! It is a great way to start the school year.
Brock isn't old enough to attend yet. But the three girls went. I have to say it is kind of weird having only one child home. Randy has a wedding to perform tomorrow and had the rehersal tonight so it has left for a lot of mother/son time. Which is great! I love it. Tonight we went and watched NK beat Chisholm 20-0! Tomorrow we will head over to Duluth for some shopping. Brock needs new pants for school seeing as he grew two inches since July!
Well, I know the girls will have a blast meeting old friends and making some new ones! I thank God for a District Superintendent who has a heart for these kids and makes sure they are set apart for a weekend.

Run Sydney Run!!

Never a dull moment here in the Williamson house. We now officially have a runner in our house. On Wednesday during gym class Sydney's teacher (Mr. V) noticed how fast she could run. He commented to her about it. Later that day during her health class the Cross Country coach pulled her out of class and talked to her about joining the team. They are half way through the season but he really wants her to join anyway. They called me from the school and the coach and I talked. Yesterday, we went to the doctor and got her physical then we ran to the store and bought some proper running shoes. Today I will go into the Athletic Director's office and get all her forms in. Then starting on Monday she will start running with the Cross Country team for the High School. How fun! She is so excited!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Many subjects-one post!-edited

(After I wrote this post I realized how many different subjects I talked about. Hope you can keep up as my train of thought skips many tracks!)
We are pretty much settled back into the school year schedule now. After some schedule changes I think everyone is happy with their teachers and classes. My days have returned to the old order. There is a time for everything and my challenge is to make sure said child is at his or her gym/field/school/building at the correct time. So far so good.
Brock has started football for another year. He is still receiver although, he really wants to try quarterback! They have changed the way they do things this year and he has games sporadically through the five week season. Past years, games were always on Thursdays. Oh well, I will just have to get that supersized calender I was thinking about! I mean, why always have the games on the same day? That is way too easy! Mix it up a little!
Britt has been very busy with cheer. She has had to add dance class to her schedule because next week is Homecoming and the cheerleaders are doing some choreographed number for the assembly. We don't see much of her.
Today is picture day so I should really go and wake the three girlies so they have time to appropriately primp!
Randy has hired a new secretary/administrative assistant. As you know Jenny moved to Illinois this past August leaving a huge hole in our office staff. Especially for the Pastors. We are thrilled to have Heather join our team. She is from Laguna Beach, California!! I might just sneak back there in her suitcase next weekend when she goes to visit!! Anyway, we are so excited to have her and her eleven year old daughter join our church family.
In other news, the pups eyes are opening! They are getting so big with their round little bellies! They are trying to walk now even.
Oh and Congratulations to Natalie. She is a friend of our family and she made "Northern Lights" which is a small group ensemble made up of HHS choir members. You have to try out and it is quite an honor to be chosen. Which she was! So way to go Nat!!!
Congrats to Andrew R. for making N.L. as well. We can't wait to hear you guys!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Pile of Pups!

Our german dog had puppies on Sept. 2nd. We went to bed on Thursday night. Friday morning we woke up and there was a pile of puppies!! Eight of them. Crazy! Unfortunately, this past Wednesday we lost one. A little female. It was sad but we know it happens. Sal is doing wonderfully at keeping up with them. Their eyes are still closed and they can't hear but we see them growing and getting stronger every day.

Everyone loves a puppy so I thought I would take some pictures of them. All of them have mainly white bodies except for one large male. His is brown. I'll put his photo below.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day of School 2005!

I am here at home. On the computer. The house is quiet.....wait while I enjoy the sound (of silence) This morning went off without a hitch. Pretty much. Except that Brock forgot his lunch. But that isn't the end of the world. A little cash from mom and he can purchase it for today. Everyone was up and out of bed early. I had the kids get their clothes out last night so that there was no last minute trauma. (not an exaggeration when you are a teenage girl).
It was kind of funny last evening when we journeyed to town for our "family tradition", a young woman we know was working. She looked over at us and said, "I was waiting for you guys to come in". We were confused as to why she'd say that. She told us that she remembers from past years that we come into DQ the last night before school starts. It was kind of funny that she would remember!!! Everyone got a treat and the pajama-clad girls were thoroughly embarrassed that "cute Fred" was working!! Our evil plan worked.
Well, I had better go and make something of my empty, quiet house! Here's a photo from this morning. Another tradition-First Day of School Pictures! Nanny had to get in on the attention. Believe me once she sat down there was no moving her.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's official

Labor day 2005 is over! That means, it's official. Another school year is underway. Around here in Hibbing, school actually starts tomorrow for students. Today is a day to go to the schools and meet teachers. We are hanging out with our new California friends and showing them the Lincoln and High School. Brock wants to meet his teacher seeing as he has never heard of her before. He also has some responsibility to be a friend to this girl who just moved here from far away. Sydney is a little nervous about the High School and I told her I would go there with her and walk with her from class to class.
We have a tradition in our family that on the last night before school starts. After showers and "bedclothes" ( I love that word. My mom used it from time to time. That means it must be British) are donned; we travel to the nearest DQ and have a last summer treat to sign off the season. Tonight we will continue the Williamson tradition. The idea of walking into DQ with jammies on didn't faze them at ten. But I have a feeling the teenagers might suffer slight embarrassment. It is tradition however, therefore they will endure the pain of it all.
On Sunday Brittany was able to escape (this would be her view) this town and go with another family down to "The Cities"/Utopia. More and more she is longing to spread her wings. I have to tell you that I see the process of maturity and it is gratifying and mortifying at the same time!!! I have good friends who are still moms with young children. This keeps me in the zone where I haven't forgotten those days of complete dependance. I have to say to you my dear friends (Jessica, Jenny, Becky C, Lisa J., Rae) that those days do end. And before you know it your children will be packing their own bags! (I guess I should explain that comment.) For some reason the fact that Britt was responsible enough to get a bag and pack it with everything she needed was one of those "she's growing up" moments for me. When I ran down the list of essentials, she had them all. She didn't need me anymore to do even that for her. This is the gratifying and the mortifying moment!!! And I am sure I have many more to come. It is the letting go. Which is healthy and needed. Off she went out the door, to see the tall buildings and traffic of Minneapolis. Thanks to the Wilcoxes for allowing her to be a part of your family for a while. Thanks Chels for being such a great friend to my daughter.
On that note I will sign off. We have a very busy day. I work, we will tour the schools and Britt has a game. Somewhere in there I will make sure I savor it all!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Go Jackets!!

Thursday, September 1st. The cheerleader!