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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A week to go!

I am thinking today alot about all the people down south who are suffering greatly! I think that if people are able, they should give to the Red Cross. There are so many needs right now and probably the best thing we can do is to give of our money so they can help with the basic life necessities for thousands of people. I heard on the news that it might be three months before people in certain areas can get back into their communities. I won't even say into their homes because for the most part they have no homes any longer. It is the Red Cross that helps those people survive day to day. Anyway, we all watch the news and know these things I just had to add my thoughts. I will take minus 30 degree weather and blizzards any day!! ( I might need to remind myself of that come January)
Jessie has been sick for over a week now with some weird stomach thing. She is a bit better the past two days so we didn't go to the doc. I am giving it til tomorrow night otherwise, I am taking her in. She hasn't been able to eat very much and has lost weight.
Britt cheers at a Boy's Soccer game tomorrow at 4:30 pm at Vic Power park (for all you locals). You know that I'll have pics of that!
One week from today and school starts for Hibbing students.
I love my kids but I am so ready for school to start. I have these four lumps laying around my house eating everything in sight (except for Jessie). Schedules are a good thing!! Labor day weekend is around the corner and this post signs off the month of August. See you in September!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Honey I Shrunk the Band!!

Okay Okay....here's the girls' favorite Picture from Saturday. This is for you Brooke and Jennie. (the font however is for Amber)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Practice Makes Perfect

The girls' band is trying to practice at least once a week now that school is starting back. They have the promise of playing at a Benefit Concert this winter in the back of their minds. Hopefully, they will have three or maybe four songs to perform. I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the choir directors from the High School asked them if they would be willing to participate, seeing as the response to their spring performance was so positive. There would be three other student bands but all of the others are boys only. So the girls are excited to show what chicks can do!! Girls you sounded great yesterday, keep at it!

Jennie, Brooke, Natalie, Jessie and Britt blowing kisses!

from the bottom:Jennie, Brooke, Jessie, Natalie and Britt.

Shattered Assembly

Friday, August 26, 2005

Good Morning Hibbing!

It is Friday! One more full week til school starts. It is Craig's 21st birthday today, so let me start by saying a huge Happy Birthday to him.
The State Fair has started down in the Cities. I might still try to get down there for that and continue our tradition! I think I have gone for about four years in a row but now Britt's schedule has us tied down a little more.
Last night we went to the High School for a seventh grade orientation meeting. I thought that it would help Sydney, if she could hear from the principal etc. Brock and Jessie came along for something to do. Jess took off with some friends for a while and Brock sat by me and played games on my phone! While he was doing that he couldn't notice all the girls checking him out. But mother noticed and wanted to poke their eyes out! ...just kidding. I'm glad he is so oblivious. This time next year Brock will be there too. It'll kind of be nice to have all four kids in one building. But for now, he will remain at the Lincoln.
Brittany had practice and came home with her uniform!! Blue and white pompoms and all!! She cheers tonight at the Volleyball game in Hibbing at 5:45 pm. We will go and check it out. I don't think cheerleading was meant to be a spectator sport. We just want to support what she does. I'll post pics later!
Jacob is now home with his mommy and daddy. Last night while us Williamson women were sitting in the living room talking I noticed a tiny box of raisens sitting by my couch. It was kind of sad. Britt almost started to cry. We miss you little man! You can come by us anytime. A and J thank you for the honor.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well, we have had Jacob since Saturday. He seems to be getting used to the crazy Williamson household. Kind of like Pavlov's dog he runs to the door every hour and says...ride?? I have to tell him "no, not yet Jacob". I guess if you put him in your car often enough and drive into town for whatever errand needs to be run that after a couple days he comes to expect it!
I have had to wash his little jacket about five times. Let's just say he likes to hang out with Nanny alot and anyone Jacob's size becomes her slobber towel. Poor kid. He doesn't seem to mind though.
Brittany is in full swing with Cheerleading. She had camp Monday and today from 8:30 am til 5:00 pm. You can read all about it on her blog. She explains, in detail her first day at camp. She is getting more and more excited about cheering though. Which is good. As soon as her whole uniform comes in I will post a pic for you to see. Especially for you Auntie Rae. I know you asked her especially to do that.
Jessie has been battling some kind of bug this week, but seems to be alot better today. Thankfully.
Sydney got her schedule today and went to the school to find her locker and classrooms. She is kind of nervous. The Hibbing High School is amazingly beautiful but very large and intimidating for a kid her size.
Brock is just being himself. Not excited about school. Loving his freedom. He bought a new RC car and has been messing with that lately. I have realized how he is used to being the youngest around here. He probably has had the hardest time adjusting to Jacob. It has been interesting to watch!
The weather has been so amazingly perfect! Sunny but cooler. Just how I love it!!
I better go and feed the kids before we take off in the car again!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Breaking News

We interupt this blog to bring you important news. The Williamson Residence phone line that has been out of order for four weeks, has now been fixed. The cause of the busy signal you will have heard had you called us recently was a faulty wiring job done at the factory where the house was made. After working for a few hours, "Rick" rewired the whole line and we now have a dial tone! There was much rejoicing amoung the female teenagers especially, for they will now be able to communicate with the outside world.
We now return you to the regular blog posts.

more wedding pics

Here's some more pics from the wedding. I thought you might like to see more Amber.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Reini.

Britt and Mike (the groom's brother and a good friend of Britt's. You looked great in the tux Mike!)

Lauren and Chance coming down the aisle. Cute!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy Wedding!

Yesterday was the wedding of Aaron and Jill. Aaron's dad works on staff with Randy and his parents are good friends. Randy performed the ceremony which was really lovely. It was a nice event to close out our summer calendar.

This is a picture of Jill and Aaron at the reception.

Here's Jessie and Jennie. They have been friends for a long time. Jennie was a bridesmaid at her brother Aaron's wedding.
Aaron was fourteen years old when we moved to Hibbing so to watch him grow up and graduate and now marry really was very special. It feels good to have lived somewhere long enough to witness those kinds of life changes. They are moving to Bemidji, where they both attend college.

In other news, we are taking care of Jacob for five days. He is the son of our youth pastor. So far everything has gone very smoothly. Mom and dad took a few days to get away together. Aaron keeps very busy, especially in the fall. He helps coach our High School football team and I am glad they got to get away alone. It is nice to have Jacob around. Here's a picture of him from July.

So that is about it around here. Our weather has turned very cool. Very fall like. I LOVE the autumn. The pretty leaves turn, football games, apple pie and bonfires in the cool evenings. Another season comes to an end.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I love my dirty floors!

I am having a sort of feeling of foreboding concerning this coming year.
Let me start out by saying that I have never believed in pushing my kids into things just to keep them busy. I remember when they were all younger they didn't do all the "stuff" other kids did. Other kids did the gymnastics, dance, swimming lessons, art classes etc. I have just had a philosophy of not creating busyness for my kids. If something came up they wanted to try then that was great. But I didn't initiate anything. Today, I realize that my philosophy was not a deterent to later chaos!
I think that this will be the absolute craziest year to date. Why do I say that??? Well, as many of you know Brittany started cheerleading this week. She brought home her schedule. My understanding was that she would cheer JV football. Along with that she is supposed to sometimes cheer Boys' Soccer, Cross Country(I will save my comments on that one), Girls' Volleyball (our school is so good in this that they usually go to state which will happen sometime in Nov.) and Girls' soccer. Now, you may wonder how in the world she can possibly do all this? I kinda had the same thoughts. Britt explained that they are broken up into two squads and take turns. Her calender looks like you need a college degree of some sort just to decifer it. But once I brought out the colored highlighters and found a quiet place to concentrate.... I think I figured it out. I am being a tad bit facitious but not a lot!
I realize that this is one child! I have four! I am wondering if I can find a jumbo sized calender somewhere so I can fit my children's schedules all together. Brock starts football soon and once winter comes I will have three playing basketball. While the fourth will be cheering for the Varsity Girls' Team. Not to mention church activities and homework. Sleeping and eating will have to be scheduled in somewhere!
Wow, the whole four kids in four years seemed like a good idea....do you see where the foreboding is coming from??
I have to close this silly tongue in cheek post by saying... I am so grateful for my kids. I love this stage of life. And I know all to well that some day I will sit in my chair and have no body to take anywhere. The hall that is now littered with shoes will be nice and clean. The gas tank will always be full. But my life will be so much more empty. So I will savor every moment.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Saddle up your horses.....

(It seems that a lot of people I know have a hard time finding things to blog about. For me, the options are many that I feel I could post a couple times a day. Today, I am doing just that.)

I remember all the times we have moved in our married life. Several. Some times within the same town and other times we changed cities, once we even changed countries!! It is never easy to say good-bye. Ever. I feel that at times my heart was actually breaking. When we moved from Canada to Minneapolis about eleven years ago I listened to Steven Curtis Chapman's song "The Great Adventure" and somehow keeping the attitude within the words helped me.
This coming week is a week of many good-byes for us.
Several college kids are returning to school within the week.
One young man is heading back to Florida for Master's Commission.
Miss Amber Shain is moving to Austin to continue her life in the southern part of the state.
And lastly, but not least...our dear friends the Clairs are moving to Illinois to continue their great adventure. Larry, Jenny and Lauren have been a part of our lives for many years now. Jenny used to babysit our kids when we lived in Detroit. My children don't really know a life without having this family in it. The Clairs followed us here to Hibbing eight years ago as Jenny continued her job as Randy's administrative assistant. Such a loyal team member who we were always so grateful for. Now God has another chapter for them.
I find at times like this it helps me to remember that we see such a narrow view of our lives. Whereas, God sees the big picture. And He is all about the big picture.
It seems silly to say..."we'll miss you" Too obvious.
Matt, Craig, Opey, Ruth, Amber, Larry, Jenny and Lauren. How greatful we are to have had the honor to share this part of the journey with you.
"So saddle up your horses,
we've got a trail to blaze,
To the wild blue yonder
of God's amazing grace.
Just follow our leader
into the glorious unknown.
This is life like no other.
This is the great adventure!"

Seize every opportunity,
make the most of every day,
step out of your comfort zone,
walk in faith and not by sight.
We will miss you all and our family says farewell and Godspeed.

Williamson Family Pics

This is a picture of Randy with Joshua, (Randy's sister Raelene's son). What a friendly, loving boy he is. He couldn't stop hugging and kissing the girls. It was so cute.

Here's the whole family minus myself and Rhett (Randy's brother) who was also taking pictures.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fun in the Sun!

Well, we are back, unofficially of course. We are still "on vacation" til Sunday night. Back to work Monday morning. While I work on my piles of laundry, I thought I'd blog a few pics. After spending approximately $20.00 on doing the wash at laundromats I decided to let it pile up and bring the rest home! Anyway...we had a wonderfully relaxing time. We all got sunkissed (poor Sydney is probably the worst off) and after a week in close quarters everyone is still talking to each other! So I'd say it was a success.
We spent last Saturday night at Grandma and Grandpa W's place before we headed down to Portage, Wisconsin, where we stayed at a great campground. The weather was hot and humid the whole time! We did lots of swimming, which accounts for the sunburns.
Wednesday we headed over to Wisconsin Dells for the remainder of our vacation. The weather wasn't so co-operative in the Dells which meant, we avoided some of the usual touristy stuff. (the Ducks etc.) We had planned to go to Noah's Ark on Thursday but the rain changed that. Who wants to be wet before you ever enter the park? But finally, on Friday we enjoyed Noah's Ark along with Randy's siblings, parents and all the cousins. It was so much fun! Brock found his courage this year and let me tell you we couldn't get him off the slides.
We left the Dells this morning after meeting the family for breakfast at one of our favorite places, "Paul Bunyan's". The trip home was fairly uneventful aside from the fact that somewhere in Wisconsin lies a brand new cooler and several unopened, but badly shaken cans of pop!. For some reason the tailgate of the truck decided to open while cruising north on Highway 53. Our cooler is now roadkill.
We are glad we are home safe. Summer Vacation 2005 is over and ready for the photo albums!

Jessie, Brock, Britt, Syd and me (mom/Sue). Randy was there too, he just volunteered to be the picture taker! Friday August 12th, our day at Noah's Ark.

my three cuties at Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty, Wisconsin Dells just this morning at breakfast.

Just to prove Randy actually was with us.....at Grandpa's place on (and in) the John Deere!

Friday, August 05, 2005

a few of my favorite things...

...not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens...but rather time with my family. Just the six of us hanging out. That is definately one of my favorite things!! We are counting down to lift off of summer vacation 2005!

The camper sits waiting to be loaded outside the front door.
I have to admit that I have never been much of a camping person. I grew up going to museums and staying in hotels. Randy, on the other hand, spent two weeks every summer in northeastern Wisconsin camping in tents! His parents had a very nice set-up BUT......
well one year after we were married we went with his parents to the same place he stayed at as a kid. Number one: I hate outhouses. I held everything in til the last possible moment. I dreaded that trip to the smelly, insect infested outhouse. I am sure all you outdoorsy types are probably rolling your eyes right about now (yes I was a cheerleader too) I cannot defend my "city girl" upbringing. Number two: I was six months pregnant with Jessie. Brittany was only seven months old and not walking yet. Have you ever tried pushing a stroller on sand, dirt, stones etc.???
A couple years ago Randy broke down and bought a fifth wheel to appease his city girl. My kids love to camp and honestly I would do it just for them. But now, I actually enjoy it.
We are going to hit the road and explore distant lands....in this case Wisconsin.
We will spend time doing all those fun family things. Beaches, sun, waterparks, horseshoes, lots of basketball, tourist traps down main street in the Dells, campfires, s'mores and with three teenaged girls: probably some boy watching! LOL

My next picture has absolutely nothing to do with vacation and is actually quite misplaced on a post entitled "a few of my favorite things" because indeed it is not!!!
We have had these unwanted guests for quite a while now and more than a handful of people have been stung. I assure you that a stunt double was not used in the taking of this picture and no harm was caused to the photographer. I thought it turned out really cool and wanted to show you who lives under our front steps!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's over

Well another season of baseball is over. Erickson's Lumber lost tonight 7-4. Three of our starters were gone this week on vacation. With that delay of a week, the schedule put us into August when usually we are finished the last week of July. That isn't to make excuses..some costly errors in the fifth inning cost us a game that was tied 2-2.
I'll tell you Brock went out in style though. His first at bat tonight and he hit a triple! It was amazing to watch! He had such a great night. He was one of our runs in. He also had a single but got to second on their error. (I am not sure if I am using the right terminology for what happened.) He caught some great hits and throws. All in all it was his best game all season and he was heartily disappointed with the loss.
He will now chomp at the bit until football season starts!
Way to go Erickson Lumber! You boys ended the season number one.
We lose quite a few twelve year olds this summer so next year's team will be a young one.
We are so proud of you son. You played an exceptional game tonight. Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered Brock on this summer. Til next year!

This picture is from one of Brock's first games back in late May. Dad and son.

Monday, August 01, 2005

August is here!

Hey, it's been a few days since I've written. Life is so busy here. Britt left bright and early this morning for youth camp. She'll be back Friday evening. The house will be a little different without her here. She was so excited to go. More and more, she is enjoying her independence. She loves to be out on her own.
Brock has a game tonight so the rest of the family will be there cheering on Erickson's.
Today is very hot again. I have been working on getting the camper ready for our vacation. We are ready for a break!
I had some time today to explore the woods for blueberries. We have big patches of wild raspberries as well. Although, I don't enjoy the bugs I can bear them for a while so we can have some fresh fruit to munch on.

Here's some berries from out in front of our house.
When I was a child and we lived in Nova Scotia I remember picking blueberries. They have always been one of my favorites. Fresh (not canned) blueberry pie is my absolute fav!! We are fortunate to have all these bushes on our property. It would probably take a long time to pick enough for a pie though.