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this first question is tough! I am a wife and mother of four kids whom you will probably tire of hearing about in the following posts. But that won't stop me!! My best friend and I follow God and live life try to walk our journey with joy, peace and lots of laughing! This is a blog about my family for my family (and friends too)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Last Post!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to you all!
It is Christmas Eve morn 2006. I am up early while the rest of the house sleeps. In the midst of the busyness of the season and the increased commercialism, I am reminded that there is a reason for this holiday. As much as the world moves us in any direction but the one that faces the manger.
This morning, I think of all our family and friends who are represented in a large stack of Christmas cards. Wishes of holiday cheer that found their way to us despite our many moves in 2006. I am grateful for each family member, each friend, each memory disturbed by the handwritten and typed greetings.
On this Sunday morning, in the stillness and quietness of morning, I pray that none of us are so busy that we don't take time to contemplate the true meaning of Christmas. May we all take time to kneel and face the manger. It is the reason we even have Christmas, that long ago a babe was born, wrapped in swaddling clothes. To a young mother, who was probably unsure as all new mothers are. May the birth of Jesus be more than songs sung, more than a story read, more than a lighted display on someone's lawn, more than a childhood memory. May it be alive and real in our hearts as we spend time with family and friends.
I treasure you all and are grateful for you.
Merry Christmas from the Williamson family to yours!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The days are counting down until Christmas....are you ready. We are in the midst of final preparations here. I feel like I am almost ready. Just a little more baking to do. The presents are all bought though which is a relief to me, so I don't have to fight through the crowds of last-minute-shoppers.
Last night was Brock's last basketball game of his season. But as I sat in the stands the coach of the "travel team" handed me a piece of paper and on it was the schedule for his next team. I hope Brock enjoys tonight off cuz practice starts Thursday after school!!!
We have enjoyed all the Christmas events in this new town. Another season to become accustomed to the life here in Sparta. The High School had it's Christmas concert which was very good. The girls' choir director also directs the Jazz Ensemble at Universtity of Wisconsin-LaCrosse; therefore they were able to come and serrenade us with a few songs. It was amazing!
I think that all of our holiday parties are over now and I can concentrate on some cleaning and baking around here.
We are hoping to take a little tour of the lights. It seems as it more houses in town decorate than don't so it'll be fun! Another Williamson Christmas tradition will continue....grab the hot cocoa and drive the streets of Sparta.

the girls after their Christmas concert, Monday night.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Grandmother Star!

Last night was our Children's Christmas program at the church. The preschoolers started the evening with a couple of songs, fighting, crying and pouting. Somewhere in there you could hear Away in a Manger.
The children from grades K-6 have been working on a program for a few weeks now. Somewhere back in November I "volunteered" to play the adult role, which happened to be that of a GRANDMOTHER!
Randy wasn't happy with my grandmother outfit and so with about forty-five minutes left on the clock until I had to be at church he took Jessica and they went to Walmart in search of a new outfit for me. Jessie fixed my hair in a bun and Randy did the honors with the hairspray! I even added a little extra padding around the middle and backside!!! The play went well and the kids all did well.

Grandmother Star

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A new Christmas Tradition for 2006

The other day I was Christmas shopping in Eau Claire. I walked into the large bookstore they have there in search of a book series my son has asked for. I haven't been in this store before so I tried to peer over shelves looking for a sign that would point me to the children's section. Of course, it was placed in the back corner of the store. I walked through the shelves that formed almost a welcoming gate to the land of Children's fiction.
In front of me was a table set with Christmas stories for the young and my eye was drawn to one book in particular. I cannot explain the excitement I felt. It was a book from my childhood. A favorite. A long lost friend! (yes, books are my friends) I picked it up and thumbed through it making sure that they hadn't changed anything about it.
I am sure I was grinning from ear to ear as I walked on trying to find Brock's books.
I couldn't find them.
But it really didn't matter at that point. Clasped in my hands was the book from a distant memory and I had not seen it in years. I wanted it so much, that I hadn't even looked at the price. Have you ever done that? Found something so perfect that it really didn't matter what the cost would be, because you wanted it so badly?
Turns out it was less than ten dollars.
I took it home and much to my amusement my two older girls remember the book as one I had read to them when they were very little. In our many moves, it must have been misplaced because the younger two don't remember it. (that would put it around the Brampton to Minneapolis move)
Well, this year, we will have a new tradition. Everyone will be seated with hot chocolate and cookies in hand as we read our new Christmas book.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I guess they are hens.

A couple of months ago our family was invited to dinner at the home of a couple from our church. The wife was a little apprehensive about hosting all six of us because her place is pretty small. As soon as we arrived, that evening we went for a walk out to the corral to see their two horses. We walked through a barn area and I noticed some beautiful looking chickens sitting on a ledge in a coop. I made mention to the woman how pretty they were, for chickens. She told me how disappointed she was because she had bought them in hopes they were hens and would provide eggs for her, but after having them a few months, they had yet to lay one egg!
Much to the kid's amusement and I think, embarrassment; Randy immediately started to pray over the coop for the chickens. The kids started giggling to themselves and making their way out of the barn.
We went inside and had the most wonderful meal of homemade stew I have ever tasted. I think Brock ate six bowls full that night. It was an enjoyable time and gave me a taste of this new community of people we have been brought to serve.
Last Sunday, was my birthday and I received a unique gift. I would have to say it's a first.
A dozen eggs.
All different shades of brown.
provided by the hens Randy prayed for.

Friday, December 08, 2006

It worked!

Sydney and Vicki
I am trying out my birthday/Christmas gift. A new digital camera and photo printer! So much fun. Where's Al when you need him? I am highly computer illiterate but I did take this picture last night at Sydney's holiday concert and here it is on my blog so I must have done something right.
This week has been crazy busy and there is more to come. Tonight we host our Board of Deacons and wives to a home-cooked dinner. We had to move the event to the church because of our housing situation but that's alright. It requires a lot of work but I trust they'll enjoy it. Brock has had two basketball games this week, as does Jessie. Her first is a home game tonight that we will miss and then tomorrow she plays Wisconsin Dells. I asked her if she is playing at a high school in the Dells and she answered "no mom, we are playing at a Waterpark!"
We received word from that bank that everything is a go for the house. Now we just have to wait for our closing date. I am so excited!
As I mentioned Sydney's concert was last night. She blew them out of the water with a solo in a song called "Feel Good". She performed with a jazzy flavor and it rocked! There was much DRAMA at the middleschool this week when she was given the solo over another girl. Let's just say that her teacher and I are on a first name basis now.
Well, it's time to wake the troups. I have a long day ahead of me. Enjoy your weekend. By Saturday night I can put my feet up and actually watch "Pirates of the Carribean-2". It's sat by the DVD player since Wednesday.